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Styrofoam Concrete Forms

Styrofoam Concrete Forms

In the last 30 years, Styrofoam concrete forms have emerged as a competitor to traditional wooden concrete forms. The success of foam as an alternative is owed to many properties, many of which seem to be continually improving as the process for producing foam matures. Though Styrofoam concrete forms can sometimes be more expensive than other building materials, the advantages of using foam add up to be very attractive to many builders.

The Advantages of Styrofoam Concrete Forms

Firstly, foam forms are not removed after the concrete is poured. This simple fact can eliminate much of the work involved with finishing a concrete surface, and also allows concrete the recommended curing time, allowing it to reach its maximum structural integrity. In environments where hurricanes, strong storms, or even earthquakes are a danger, the structural integrity of concrete can go a long way towards saving a home.

Concrete has a naturally high thermal mass, but operates even more effectively when coupled with highdensity foam. According to some manufacturer specifications, walls built using ICFs insulated concrete forms have an Rvalue of 20 or more, compared to R11 wooden construction houses. ICF walls also attenuate sound much more than many other building materials do, though windows and doors must be selected and installed carefully to take advantage of the noisereducing properties of ICFs.

In some cases, using Styrofoam concrete forms can simplify building processes, as well. For example, the thermal insulation properties of ICFs can protect concrete from both freezing and premature drying due to evaporation. ICF walls also require little interior finishingin many cases, a simple coat of plaster may be enough to finish the wall.

Selecting Running Shoes

Selecting Running Shoes

It wont take long for a runner to realize the overwhelming importance of shoes. Poorly chosen footwear can cause injury under the wrong circumstances. So, what constitutes a good choice in footwear? Read on to discover the RIGHT way to select running shoes.

First, the proper fit. Too tight or loose can cause rubbing or otherwise cause pain. It isnt sufficient just to put the shoe on, if possible move the foot through a range of motion and as much of a running gait as is practical. It is entirely possible to find shoes with subtle imperfections in the fit that arent immediately apparent.

Second, we should worry about your running technique. A proper motion for the foot rolls from heel to toe, and has a slight inward rotation as the ball of the foot touches the ground. There are shoes to compensate for a greater tendency to wear the inside, outside or other parts of the shoe tread. As well, there are shoes to compensate for greater or lesser than normal amounts of this standard foot motion, called pronation. The simplest way to determine this is to examine an old pair of running shoes and check the wear pattern. Excessive wear on the inside of the front part of the shoe indicates over pronation, such wear on the outside of the front of the shoe indicates supination.

Third is the priority of the shoe. Shoe designers tend to create shoes to emphasize stability, cushioning or motion control. If you dont know which of these you actually need, stability is probably the place to start. However, cushioning should be a given. Each time your foot hits the ground, you are dealing with an impact of around three times your body weight, and youll do this fifteen hundred times a mile.

Brand is not unimportant, but there are so many and they change rapidly enough that it makes little sense to cover in an article this of this size. Instead, you should simply keep in mind brands you like and try their products first. There are many ways to achieve cushioning and stability, and you simply might be well suited to the one a given brand uses. Appearance matters not one bit, when considering a running shoe. If your priority is a given look, spending the money for a running shoe is a waste of funds, possibly much funds.

Finally, shoes can be optimized for a given type of running. This can be high performance competition shoes, shoes for running on pavement and shoes for running on broken surfaces or cross country.

Quotes about Winning

Quotes about Winning

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Pepe Jeans India plans

Pepe Jeans India plans

Pepe Jeans India plans to set up in accordance with the consignment model in more than 50 retail stores in India, including in the second and third tier cities, with 12 months to strengthen the brands market share, brand value is currently 500 million Pepe Rupees, PJL Clothing I managed the sale of the brand in India, Mr Chetan Shah, general manager of the company to disclose the information.

He accepted an exclusive interview with Fibre2fashion, said the Indian media, Pepe Jeans London in 1989 into India, today, Pepe Jeans is already Indias first highend denim brands, International.

Initially, India did a large area of shopping malls, there is no specific brand retail stores, retail sales of jeans, not the way with international standards, infrastructure is poor, therefore, Pepe jeans, many problems must be solved only in India a success.

He continued, Pepe Jeans has become an Indian denim brand, the brand has become a complete denim clothing line, including denim jackets, shirts, etc., as well as jeans series. Pepe has gradually formed a series, such as nonwoven fabrics, jeans material, fashion jeans, non denim and denim apparel. Today, Pepe is the only men and women can provide a complete solution to the international casual wear brand.

He said Pepe Jeans is definitely a casual brands, including casual cotton shirt, denim shirt, light jeans, Tshirts, shirts, jackets, cotton slacks and dress, therefore, Pepe Jeans London has been formed from a pair of jeans today, a brand Complete lifestyle brand. Pepes current highend jeans and casual wear market share is 25%, the company plans to market the next five years will increase by 20%.

Maybe you can promise that says he has never not need to wear suits and ties, but you say he never wear jeans? Although the recent hole in jeans to do the old fashion, but this does not mean that old pair of jeans a few years ago can now very fashionable to wear, fashion is not so reasonable, so the old do very nature is In, the natural wear old is Out.

If the nontalk about truth, we come to compare this season to do the old design and the natural wear old What is the difference. In any wear white washing, do some of the old pair of jeans always retain the original colors, such as the hole in jeans D G, the most shallow part of the light gray, the deepest part or indigo, so that it can compare; wearing old jeans Only the overall whitening. Look at the holes, jeans show floor are holes in the knees or thighs design, appears to models who fought with something like nature, and the fight after the fabrics are warp and weft been broken; take a look at their old Jeans, walk sit, it has a trouser pocket lining broken washing hole. Not to mention differences in style, and too fat or too skinny jeans allseason, the width was just right and straight jeans is the time.

Is not that really should buy the new jeans? Are you familiar with the British or Italian brand store may not have enough choices, the United States is the birthplace of jeans and popular culture, to see the works of designers in New York now, there will be unexpected gains.

The point of the eye is that jeans, bags of prominent former table Fu Ma LOGO, leather card specially designed by the HI PANDA holding a LOGO Fu Panda horse logo, more interesting, but also convey the intention of both joint limits jeans. This section the exclusive limited edition pair of jeans on sale will attract more people chasing the heat wave of popular pursuit.

Neale Donald Walsch on Fear

Neale Donald Walsch on Fear

Neale Donald Walsch is so comforting and real. I aspire to be that kind of presence in the world. Facing fears headon has definitely changed who I am and helped me move towards more peace and serenity. It has shown me my courage and strength. I have realized that what I think I need and what I really need are 2 different things. Even when I lost many of the things I thought I needed for security, I found that I was still left standing I was still here. I have certainly not conquered all of my fears, but everyday as I get better at facing my fears there are less and less situations or events that shake my foundation. To conquer fear, you must learn to stop listening to your inner critic. Your inner critic is your voice of doubt and worry, the one that always tells you why you cant do certain things. You may have been living with it for years, but if you develop enough strength and faith in yourself and your abilities, you will be able to overcome fear by shutting out one of the major things that keep you from your dreams.

One major way to overcome fear is to really look it straight in the face. Giving yourself an inspired push and taking baby steps towards your goal will help you see that it is possible for you to succeed and will help prove that your fears are unfounded. This should give you enough courage to forge on. Michael Lee, Giver of Sensational SelfImprovement eBooks

How To Teach Teens The Importance Of Credit

How To Teach Teens The Importance Of Credit

Explain appropriate use of credit to your teenager to help him understand how building credit can help him develop financial security. When people have significant purchases to make, such as homes or vehicles, it difficult to save enough money to pay the entire purchase price up front. By approaching a financial institution to provide a part of the money, it becomes possible to make a large purchase. This agreement involves a specific period of time for the loan, specific payments and additional terms such as interest and default provisions. Financial institutions have specific guidelines and credit rating requirements for approving someone for financing.

Mention revolving credit with your teenager to impart this understanding. Explain that credit cards are an example of revolving credit, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. When a credit card company issues a consumer a credit card, the account has a specific credit limit for allowable credit spending on the card. If the consumer reaches the limit, no additional credit will be available with the account until the consumer pays the balance down. In return for the credit card company providing this credit limit, the company also charges the consumer interest on money borrowed. If a consumer repays the balance in full each month, the consumer can avoid exorbitant interest charges.

Step 5

Talk about responsible use of credit so your teenager understands this concept. It common for young people to receive numerous credit card offers, but using credit cards to amass high amounts of revolving debt can be extremely costly due to high interest rates. Even a nominal purchase can become much more expensive with resulting interest if the consumer doesn pay it off in a timely fashion, states the Clearpoint Credit Counseling Service. Help your child understand that using credit wisely should build credit. Paying purchases off each month can be a convenient way to make purchases. Carrying multiple balances month after month can be expensive and potentially risky to a consumer credit rating. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

Mystery Hiring Manager

Mystery Hiring Manager

Here the situation: the job posting has only the title of the hiring manager or simple just Manager Frustrating, isn it? Many times job seekers don do much, if any, digging around to see if they can up with that everimportant name. Are you one of them?

For job seekers who really want to impress and get noticed when they submit their resume packages, there are some secret ways to find out the name of the elusive hiring manager so you can address your cover letter to the correct person in charge.

This may seem pretty obvious but some people forget to check the company website for personnel information. If you have the title, many times you can find out their name, phone number and email. Wouldn that be great? Definitely utilize the Internet for this search.

Also on the company website, check out to see if they have open positions posted. They may have more contact information available on their website than on general job boards where you originally found the job opening.

Check out the Media page for their latest happenings this will also help you get more familiar with the company as a whole and give you an edge during interviews. See who is quoted in the press releases as they usually give the person name and title.

There are some sneaky ways you can try to find out the name of the hiring manager in charge of the open position for which you are applying. Pick up the phone and call the company. Ask the receptionist the name of X Position for example: Marketing Manager for Soft Goods. This can obviously work if you know the title of the hiring manager.

There also a trick that I used to use when working in the corporate world. You can call and ask the receptionist for the spelling of the person name in the position you are trying to contact. So you might say something like, I am sending the Public Relations Manager a piece of important information and need to confirm the spelling of her/his name. Could you please spell it for me? While you have them on the phone, you can even try to get their email address so you can followup. If there is no phone number listed, you might want to hold off on calling them directly. You don want to get on their bad side.

In most instances, where there a will there a way. That not to say there won be situations that, despite your best effort, you absolutely cannot find out the name you so desperately need. That when you just have to applaud yourself for giving it your best effort let it go. And maybe that phone will ring anyway with the mystery hiring manager on the other end wanting to interview you.

Recognized as a leading expert in the employment search industry, Heather Eagar is passionate about providing working professionals with current, reliable and effective job search tools and information. Read our full Terms of Service.

Medical Transcribing

Medical Transcribing

Medical transcribing has changed dramatically in the recent past. The first major change occurred with the development of digital technology. This made it possible for physicians to dictate into a digital recorder and upload the audio to a server or computer used by transcriptionists. The medical transcriptionist with the use of specially designed software and equipment would then transcribe the dictated reports and letters. This information would be electronically sent back to the physician for review.

This method was such an improvement that it has remained the chosen avenue for medical transcribing for many physicians and hospitals. There is, however, a newer method making great waves in the area of medical records and health information services. This is the introduction of voice recognition software. A lot of skepticism still exists about the realistic use of voice transcription over dictated and transcribed reports. As more physicians are trying it, it is rapidly losing the skepticism.

The software developers are providing products showing as much as a 98% accuracy in a properly trained voice package. This equates to a very few words actually needing correction. With this method, medical transcribing is occurring during the process of examination. If the physician does not have a computer input in each exam room, he or she can dictate into a digitalized recorder and then insert the smartcard into the computer. This has the same result as sitting in front of the screen and speaking.

As the report is spoken either in person or via smartcard, the information can be viewed as it is processed to the proper report forms. Corrections can be made at that time and have a completed record within a short time compared to waiting days for work to be done by a medical transcriptionist. As technology continues to advance, so will the methods of transcribing medical records.

How To Know your Employees

How To Know your Employees

Knowing your employees can spell a lot of difference, particularly if you are aiming to improve yourself as an employer. If you truly understand their needs, wants, and expectations, then, you can readily help out in improving their productivity, in enhancing their skills and abilities, and in letting them overcome their weaknesses.

Understand that knowing your employees is not just limited in learning about their likes and dislikes, their habits and lifestyles, their fashion sensibilities and their food preferences. Here are some measures on how you can properly get acquainted with your dear employees:

If you have a larger group. Aside from the things that you can readily note when you meet your staff every day, you also need to hear from them. You cant allow yourself to just keep assuming things about them. If mounting a team building session is tedious and timeconsuming, your next best alternative is a pizza party. No, this is not the usual pizza party where pizza is served and everybody takes his or her share and then, the pizza party is over. This is a pizza party with a twist. Order pizza for everybody. Have the pizza delivered during snack time or after office hours. Gather your group and entice them to stick around for the pizza. Then, introduce a gettingtoknowyou game. Instead of playing it the usual way, copy the format of The Newlywed Game and then, name it as the The Officemate Game. Of course, this requires preparation. You should have already prepared a good list of fun questions. The questions should not be too personal. See how much your group knows each other. In the process, you also get to know them more. Make it more exciting by awarding a prize to the employee who can give the most number of correct answers. The prize can be a gift certificate or a day off with pay!

If you have a smaller group. This is simpler to do. Just write down some questions. Then, distribute them to everybody. Your questions can be direct. You can ask them about the things they like best about their job, their career goals, their long and shortterm plans, etc. You can also give them some choices if you wish to get to know them better. For example, if you want to know their preferred leisure activities, you may enumerate some of the popular undertakings that you are familiar with and then, encouraging them to list more if none of the your choices match your suggestions. Collate their answers and discover new things about your employees.

Knowing your employees doesnt happen overnight. You have to take time in getting to be accustomed to their personalities, individualities, and eccentricities. Empower yourself with the things that you have learned about them. You can use your information in motivating them to perform their best, in pushing them to improve their skills and abilities, and in making them feel good about themselves. You can also befriend them. However, bear in mind the saying, Familiarity breeds contempt. Set your limits. You can be friends but when work is concerned, everybody is expected to act professionally as possible.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

For the gardener looking for carefree plants which are not only asthetically pleasing but also provide movement, texture and even privacy to the landscape the Ornamental Grass cant be beat. Theres no need to get the noisy lawn mower out to keep these looking their best and you can forget about dreading invasions of grubs and moles, fertilizing, removing thatch, continual watering and fussing about dandelions and other weeds. Once planted these lovely fussfree Ornamental Grasses take care of themselves with liitle help from you. Merely give them a haircut come spring and they do the rest.

Browse through The Ornamental Grass Zone and you may be surprised to see how many ways you can use these lovely perennials in your own yard.

If you are thinking ornamental grasses are all the same think again. For something out of a Dr. Suess book try Juncus Big Twister Grass . This wild and funky little perennial will be a show stopper in any garden.

So what if you want something for your other senses, something with a scent? Is there an ornamental grass for that? Need you ask? Try rubbing the delightful slender leaves of the Lemon Grass and see what you think. For centuries it has been used for cooking by those loving a lemony flavor to their food. It also makes a yummy and soothing tea good for the belly ache. Who would have thought an ornamental grass could find its way to your medicinal herb garden?

See how to give an ornamental grass a trim.

If you are tired of the same old chainlink or stockade fence try going organic. Cant get more organic than a fence using not stone, wood nor metal but instead real live gracefully swaying Ornamental Grasses. Large Ornemental Grasses are perfect for separating garden rooms within the landscape, too.

A large Purple Moor grass or Miscanthus sinensis when planted close together so their graceful leaves just touch for a solid wall would make a barrier between you and whatever you want to keep out of your space. Create a hidden spot only you know about encircling it with Pampas Grass just like Mary Lennox of The Secret Garden . Merely push aside the rustling foliage and step into your own private world away from all others.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that ugly immoveable, lifeless fence and plant a fence with graceful movement , alive and vibrant. Your landscape never looked so inviting.

On Denial of Service Attacks

On Denial of Service Attacks

It is clear, to me at least, that steps should be taken to prevent DDoS attempts at some point in the network where the bandwidth can cope. This is, usually, before it hits the destination server. Firewall hardware on the main connection to an ISP is one of the best places to block such attempts, but the problem arises from the distributed nature of these attacks. It is not a matter of blocking a single IP address, or even a single range, and trying to block all of the subnets usually prevents legitimate users accessing the site, which is what the attackers intended all along.One approach to preventing this would be to detect IP addresses which are repeatedly sending the same data to the same place, such as large ping packets going to the same hosted server, or patterns in the traffic, and selectively block or delay such packets with respect to legitimate packets from IP addresses seen much less frequently, usually characteristic of real site visitors.Of course, this doesnt prevent attacks which utilise a large number of HTTP connections, filling the servers connection pool and preventing other users establishing a link to the server, but there are often modules for the web server software itself which can detect such activity and prioritise traffic, or drop connections which fit a certain characteristic pattern.Distributed Denial of Service attacks are almost impossible to entirely block or prevent, but measures are easily introduced which can limit their effectiveness. Ultimately, the real source must be determined in order to stop such an attack, but this usually means tracing connections back through several computers which have been used without the owners knowledge, usually by means of remote control software installed silently.

If You Have a Niche

If You Have a Niche

If You Have a Niche, Scratch It3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Marketing Your Nicheby Andy OBryan

Marketing to a specific, targeted niche on the Internet can be a great way to earn extra money or even to strike it rich. But make sure you avoid these rarely discussed pitfalls, so you dont make the same mistakes I did.

So, you found your niche! Youve researched, soul searched and determined what you can talk about best to the people who share your interests. Thats wonderful. Now, make sure you market to them the right way or you will alienate the group youre working so hard to befriend. For instance, dont use fillintheblank sales letter templates that hype up your product needlessly and were designed for get rich marketing services. Saying to a stamp collecting niche that this may be the most important letter youll ever read may be a bit over the top. Try to determine what is the best way to word your sales letter by visiting any forums that may be out there for your niche and letting people critique what you have, as well as your product. Also, if youre trying to build an optin list, figure out whether a popup is right for gathering email addresses from this group. Sure they work, but so does telemarketing, if you know what I mean. Cater to your niche the way you think they should be treated. It will pay off in the end.

Some marketing gurus will tell newcomers I detest the term newbie that the world of Internet marketers is saturated. Full. No room at the inn. Dont even think about attempting to enter this club. In other words, well teach you how to play, but dont play on our block. Nonsense. This is some peoples attempt at minimizing the competition. I agree that this niche is saturated, but do you know why? Because it works! Lots of people are making lots of money selling their various optin list growth methods, traffic enhancing mechanisms, ebook and newsletter writing

lessons, etc., etc. If you want to jump in this big pool, do it. Dont

let anyone talk you out of it.

who dont create and market products on the Internet just dont get it, and never will. Listen to these people at your peril. They will derail your enthusiasm, creativity and drive to make a better life for yourself. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well right on the screen youre viewing. Goal setting, selfhelp and most other personal success experts agree that you must stay focused on the end result, keeping a constant picture of the outcome in your mind day in and day out. Keep your eyes on the prize, and youll be glad you turned a deaf ear to the naysayers in your life. When you look around at all the people who are dissatisfied with their present situations but unwilling to change for whatever reason, it should just strengthen your resolve to find your niche product, use the gifts that you have within yourself, and go for it with everything youve got.

How Weight Watchers works

How Weight Watchers works

The importance of a supportive environmentSupport can be an important part of your weight loss success. In fact, in a study of women trying to lose weight, getting support accompanied an improvement in the participants ability to control their eating and choose lowercalorie foods.1

At meetings youll find firsttimers sitting next to both new and longtime Weight Watchers members. Along with a weekly discussion topic and guidance from the Leader, youll also hear about the struggles and triumphs of these fellow members. You dont have to participate in the discussion, but youre bound to hear helpful strategies and motivating advice that helps you through the week.

Come experience a Weight Watchers meeting discussion at no cost and no obligation anytime in participating areas. Free meeting visit does not include program materials. If you decide to join, you get the first weeks program materials and pay the fees then in effect to join. Meetings in all regions except AZ; Imperial County CA; Brevard, Dade and Monroe Counties, FL; Southeastern NV; Western parts of Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties, NJ; Franklin, Hamilton, Herkimer, Oneida, Otsego and St. Lawrence Counties, NY; Central OH; Eastern PA; Eastern and Central SC; Middle and East TN except the northeastern counties. Free meeting visit is available all year long.

1 Wolfe WA. A review: maximizing social supporta neglected strategy for improving weight management with AfricanAmerican women. Ethn Dis. 2004 Spring; 142:2128

Make Money At Home Fast

Make Money At Home Fast

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Improving Spelling with Games

Improving Spelling with Games

You got it! You can do just about any type of learning for a child or an individual learning a second language through the use of various computer games. You are sure to find something that will fit with their needs. You are also able to find a game that will keep them interested. Let take spelling as an example.

Many kids struggle each and every year at school with that dreaded Friday spelling test. It doesn get any easier because chances are good that the words just keep getting harder. For many parents, spelling is often a challenge to teach as well. The English language is nothing simple. But, what if you could teach them through the use of a PC game? That would be excellent, wouldn it?

Think about this. The next time your child comes home with that awful list of twenty words they just have to know, you can easily say to them, Why not go play a game on the computer. Yes, you can do this!

There are a number of games that are just perfect for teaching children the art of spelling. For example, you might want to try a word puzzle game like Beesly Buzzwords. Or, if Spiderman happens to be your child favorite character, you have games like SpiderMan 2: Web of Words. In this game, you child can advance through the levels by correctly spelling words. Its fun, rewarding, and most of all, it will help to improve their spelling capabilities.

The spelling games are not boring, dull, and difficult. To the opposite, these games will hold your child attention so that they can get the knowledge they need. That is what makes these games different. If you are thinking back to your school days and those boring computer programs you were allowed to play and wondering how your technology loving child is going to play with something like that, don worry. These games are much different. They are made to stimulate your child knowledge without even allowing them to realize that they are. To them, they are simply playing a Spider Man game.

The value of these games is huge. In fact, there are more than just spelling games, as we will see down the line. They are great ways to feed your child the knowledge that they need without boring them. When it is fun, it will get played more often. The more that it gets played, the more they can learn from it.

So, then, what is the bottom line? You can easily allow your child to play some computer games but of course, you still need to monitor their usage. And, yes, you may have to practice those specific spelling words each week, but it may just get easier as time goes on. Here a thought. Replace their favorite computer game with one of these for a week. They still get computer time and they still get to play a fun game. But, you get the satisfaction of knowing that they are playing an educational game as well. All in all, we think these games may be a great way to boost confidence and knowledge. Consider them for any age of child. You be happy that you did!

Steve is a member of the GrandMatrix team who provide a broad range of games articles and reviews. Read more articles and play the latest PC games for free plus thousands of user submitted puzzles, quizzes and word games at GrandMatrix Game Downloads

Html validation problems

Html validation problems

TA wrote:Only problem with the w3org validator is that it doesnt show you what the errors are, nor how to fix them I dont recommend that to anyone.

Well, exactly as i said. If you dont understand coding .

W3C is older and much more accurate in detecting errors. Tidy does not spot half of the serious errors. W3C for example ignores escaping url names but tidy picks them up. If you want a great site, start with table less layout, Xhtml and validate in both . its not that difficult really.

Last edited by Rickzkm 20070318 16:28:56

The errors and warnings are generated by Tidy. This program is originally developed by the Web Consortium W3C.

Tidy is a helpful program that tries to help people to correct their HTML errors. It finds HTML errors and classifies them in 2 categories:

warnings: HTML errors that Tidy can fix automatically

errors: critical HTML errors that Tidy cannot fix or understand.

If you have only Warnings, press on the Clean up button and Tidy will do his best to propose you a cleaned version of your page.

Most sites that I see have only warnings and no errors or only a few errors.

Get the warnings fixed, Big Bear, and then get back about the errors. Youll get some personal help. Probibly, some kind person will edit the small bits of code for you to copy and paste in, provided its not excessive. A dozen errors would not be excessive.

level talks between the lo South Sudans VP to Visit Khartoum Sunday

level talks between the lo South Sudans VP to Visit Khartoum Sunday

KHARTOUM South Sudan vice president will visit Sudan on Sunday, both sides said on Saturday, marking the highestlevel talks between the longtime African foes since Khartoum threatened to stop crossborder oil flows.

Relations hit a new low three weeks ago when Sudan said it would halt South Sudanese oil exports passing through the north for shipment abroad within 60 days unless Juba ended support for rebels operating across the border. Juba denies the claims.

The neighbors, which fought decades of civil wars that ended in 2005, came close to war in April 2012 when tensions over oil pipeline fees and disputed territory escalated.

South Sudan Vice President Riek Machar will arrive in Khartoum on Sunday for a twoday visit, Sudan state news agency SUNA said. He will meet Sudan First Vice President Ali Osman Taha, it said, adding that South Sudan Oil Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau and other ministers would also join Machar.

A South Sudanese official confirmed the visit.

The dispute threatens to hit supplies to Asian buyers such as China National Petroleum Corp, India ONCG Videsh and Malaysia Petronas, which run the oilfields in both countries.

Diplomats said they doubted Sudan would close the two crossborder export pipelines because its economy has been suffering without South Sudan pipeline fees.

Oil used to be the main source for Sudan budget until the south secession in July 2011, when Khartoum lost 75 percent of its oil production and its status as oil exporter overnight.

Both countries accuse each other of backing rebels on the other territory, one of several conflicts stemming from the division of what was once Africa largest country.

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Liquidation Bargains

Liquidation Bargains

Bargains are all around you. You just have to know where to look for them. It easy to get stuck in a rut, going to the same stores all the time, not taking the time to seek out new opportunities to save money.

I noticed that, at least in Washington State, stores that specialize in inventory liquidation have become quite popular in the past couple of years. I hadn realized that I had one of these gems right under my very nose.

Liquidators buy up inventories from businesses that are overstocked, have filed for bankruptcy, or have had to turn over their inventories to satisfy insurance claims. Items are sold between 20 and 50% below retail prices. And you never know what you going to find.

I have found our liquidation store an invaluable resource for wedding and shower gifts. They carry a lot of serving dishes and dinnerware, often expensive beautiful sets at only a fraction of the original cost.

They also get in a lot of inventory from drug stores, which I have found to be the source of most of my regular bargains. I recently purchased about a year worth of allergy and cold medicines at 50% off the original price. I was also able to find toothbrushes, toothpaste, tights, multi vitamins, antibacterial ointment, and enzyme cleaner for my contacts, all at 50% off. You kind of have to watch the expiration dates on items like medications and vitamins, but I haven had any problem finding products with at least 6 months left before they expire.

Liquidation stores are doing retailers a big favor by taking unwanted or unneeded inventory off their hands. The public also benefits by having access to a lowcost alternative to drugstore and department store prices. You have to check in from time to time, however, to find the best selections. They are always acquiring new and different types of inventories, including mattresses, furniture, and even clothing.

To find a liquidator near you, look in the yellow pages under Don miss out on this great opportunity to save big $$ on these everyday household items.

Lesion on penis

Lesion on penis

Hi, Im a 21 year old male. Ive had STD tests and everything comes back negative. This will take quite a while to describe, as I dont want to leave anything out.

Five months ago I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with my ex. I later heard that her boyfriend right before this event had genital warts. About a week afer intercourse my urethra started itching like crazy for periods ranging from 10 minutes to an hour or so. That stopped after two weeks.

I then noticed a rashlike redness on my frenulum continuing right up to and I think into my urethral opening. The urethral meatus has changed appearance; it isnt flush with the surface of the glans like it used to be; its developed a redness and small red dots slightly inverted? the size of a pinhead that are only sometimes visible and I believe I can see some redness/discolouration on the inside if i spread my urethra open. I also have one or two small pinhead sized bumps on the glans, right next to about 1cm from the urethra that are aparrent only while erect or if I squeeze the end of my penis. Ive developed small bumps on the prepuce area, which my GP says are most likely irritated glands and hopefully not warts, but theres no way to tell for now.

Now, the thing that Im most concerned about is the redness and irritation on the frenulum/urethra. It occasionally and increasingly feels itchy or I can just kind of feel that the rash is there. Ive been told to use Hydrocortisone, Canesten aparrently to 3 different doctors it looked like a yeast infection, and Nerisone. None of these have done anything. When I go to my family doctor he just keeps telling me to use the Nerisone. Its bothering me more and more frequently, but seems neither to be spreading nor regressing. Ive been to about 7 different doctors to see if anybody knows what it is and what to do and its always no diagnosis and cream, cream, cream and they send me on my way. Ive tried to get referrals to a dermatologist, but my requests are constantly ignored for no given reason. Id like to know exactly what it is, then I can explore my options with treating it if treatable.

Do you have any ideas what this may be, or any suggestions on how I can find out specialists that may be able to diagnose it? Can warts cause rashes? Could it be cancer? There is a history of skin cancer in my family.

A thorough answer would be greatly appreciated if youve got the time, if not, a short answer is fine. Anything will help; Im at my wits end!!! I apologize for not being brief.

Your description sounds like a urethritis. It really doesnt sound to me like this is a case of genital warts. It may, however, be a different STD. Even though youve been tested, the tests are not 100%. I would recommend you talk to your doctors about being treated for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomonas. All three of these can be treated with a one dose medicine three different one dose medicines. This may help clear up an infection if it is there.

It sounds like you have been appropriately treated for a fungal yeast infection so this is less likely. Treatment often will need to be for 2 weeks solid. Less time may allow it to return.

Lawyer Headhunters

Lawyer Headhunters

Lawyer headhunters are professional recruiters with hawk like eyes picking and forming a talent pool of young lawyers. These recruited young lawyers are generally the victims of unemployment but no less smart and clever than their employed counterparts. This is where the role of a lawyer headhunter comes in. He picks up the best with nominal rates earning profits from the firm he works. A lawyer headhunter is necessarily not a lawyer but one with sufficient experience and knowledge in the field.

Lawyer jobs can vary on a wide range of scale. All these jobs have only one similarity on the platform of being jobs of a lawyer. Otherwise the needs, skills and qualifications are distinct for each profession. When some posts require smooth communication skills, others demand good negotiating skills like family law jobs, divorce lawyers.

A legal headhunter has to consider a number of factors like convincing and mediating skills, the ability to deal with situations, people and good reasoning potentials for recruitment. Depending on the skill needed, a legal headhunter picks up the right portfolio. Thus, a headhunter should have an outstanding capability of envisioning the recruits talent in the field.

This way, headhunters in law not only help curb rising unemployment but also help one to find the right job. For example, Legalheadhunters is an international organization situated in United Kingdom catering to business firms with qualified candidates matching their needs. These organizations are of great help for families looking for a lawyer.

Affording an extravagant lawyer is not everyones cup of tea. Instead, legal headhunters help one find the right lawyer. This helps legal students seeking jobs find employment according to their demands for job satisfaction and business firms, families find lawyers as per their needs and requirements.

Thus a lawyer headhunters livelihood depends on his professionalism and popularity. He gets paid a commission by the party to whom he provides the lawyer, by the lawyer for providing him employment and from the firm run by him. The number of lawyer headhunter jobs is limited but can pay one very well if with right skills.

Being well versed with laws is a prerequisite need. Having good contacts can help as one not need waste time in searching employees but can easily get access to the people in search for jobs. The better the talent provided by him, more gain in his popularity and chances of earning large sums of money. Energetic, ambitious, good at reading people define precisely the qualities of a lawyer headhunter.

If you have it in you search websites catering to the job specifics for legal headhunters. The profession of a lawyer headhunter can make one reach heights without being a lawyer himself. With globalization and capitalism ruling, efficiency and cost containment are the in words. If the qualifications of the headhunters in law fulfill these requirements, there will be no looking back from success. Many online sites hire legal headhunters to tailor jobs according to the needs of the clients.

Musk Oxen

Musk Oxen

One look at herd of Musk Oxen, and you wonder if youve traveled back in time to the Pleistocene, the age of Sabertoothed Tigers and Woolly Mammoths. Reportedly, these venerable beasts have existed since the last ice age, 600,000 years ago. With their distinctive curved horns and shaggy long hair, this Bison of the Tundra roams the arctic river valleys of North America, Greenland, and the northern countries of Europe, grazing on grass, reeds, and sedges, using its cloven feet to dig beneath the snow to reach lichen and nutritious ground plants when necessary.

Musk Oxen, who are not oxen, and do not have a musk gland, most likely got its names from the heavy scent that males give off when excited. They are a member of the Bovidae family, and are closely related to sheep and goats, although they best resemble buffalo and bison. Like cattle, they have a fourchambered stomach and live in herds of 1020 animals. Sometimes several herds may join, forming groups of up to a hundred. Herds will include bulls, cows, and calves until midAugust when the bulls are in full rut. At this time, bulls begin to exhibit heightened aggressiveness, making impressive displays of themselves. Pawing at the ground, walking stifflegged, and swinging their massive horns, the bulls compete for dominance.

At a formidable 440 to 880 pounds, bulls stand 5 feet at the shoulder and are 8 feet long. Challenges made at mating season are no light affair. Facing off, challengers back up about a hundred feet apart before charging, head on, at speeds approaching 3545 miles per hour. Bellowing, the bulls collide. Their massive horn bosses, which can grow up to four inches thick and a foot wide, protect their skulls, and challengers may repeat the activity a dozen times before one bull submits and is run off. The winning bull will be the only male allowed in the herd until mating season is over.

At two years old, cows are sexually mature. The gestation period lasts 8 months, and single calves, weighing 1825 pounds, arrive midApril to early May. With soft curly hair, calves resemble their parents, and may begin eating grass as soon as a week after birth, although they will continue nursing for a year or more.

The arctic is a desperate region, but Musk Oxen are wellequipped. In winter they grow thick undercoats of soft brown fleece and shaggy overcoats. Guard hairs extend past their bulky shoulders and short legs, almost dragging on the ground. This wool is finer than cashmere, and eight times warmer for its weight than sheeps wool. It can protect the animal at temperatures down to 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Musk oxen shed their undercoats in May, leaving behind them The Golden Fleece of the Arcticgreat woolly powder puffs anywhere between 4 and 16 pounds. Traditionally, Inuits have used this fiber, which they call qivuit, in making garments.

Adult Musk Oxen protect their offspring in a way quite unlike any other animal. When approached by a predator, calves quickly gather in a tight circle, while the older members of the herd encompass them, facing outward. If necessary adults may charge the threat; but usually they remain stationary, using their muscular shoulders and horns to block the provocateur from the more vulnerable members of the herd. This course of action is effective against arctic wolves and the occasional polar bear, but not against the firepower of man. In the early 1900s Musk Oxen came close to extinction and were completely wiped out by hunters in Alaska. However, thanks to a worldwide hunting ban, populations have recovered. They were reintroduced into Alaska in 1930, where they continue to thrive. The world population is now estimated at 65,00085,000. Their biggest threat now may be the climate shift occuring in the north. Where temperatures drop significantly a hard crust of ice may form over the ground which is impossible for the Musk Oxen to break through. Without food, herds may starve.

Micro Needling

Micro Needling

or MicroNeedling is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy which is intended to smooth wrinkles, improve depressed acne scarring as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It is one the newest, easiest and most effective skin treatments available and is a process which can be carried out clinically or in the home. As the process gains awareness it is important to understand, what skin needling is, how it works and whether it is a suitable treatment for you.

The process for microneedling is carried out with a roller made up of many miniature needles. The needles pierce the upper layers of skin up to 2 millimetres depending on the needle used. This process has two major benefits. It successfully stimulates collagen formation as well as providing a clear topical channel for creams and gels to be effectively absorbed through the top most layer epidermis of skin. MicroNeedling creates a very minor trauma which lasts for a short period of time and does not result in bruising or swelling in the treated area.

The small puncture wound stimulates collagen production in the dermis layer as breaks some of the blood vessels directly below the surface of the skin. As the blood clots, it creates the right environment for collagen and elastin formation. It is these vital ingredients which assists in the skin appearing rejuvenated.

Although this sounds drastic, the process happens on a microscopic level and the outward appearance of trauma is negligible. Clinical use of microneedling will involve using agents to numb the skin so that the treatment can be carried out with little discomfort. The DermaRoller is intended for extended use at home. It should be used far more gently over a longer period of time. In this way, it becomes part of your daily routine, produces the same great results but costs a fraction of the price of expensive clinical visits.

There are alternatives to skin needling which by and large require visits to beauticians or other clinical specialists. These include Chemical Peels, MicroDermabrasion and Laser Therapy. Results from these processes do differ from one person to the next as everyones body reacts differently to each treatment. However, using a Dermaroller is certainly far less invasive, has a far lesser risk of complications and is generally much cheaper. Especially considering carrying out the treatment at home.

Microneedling is a great choice for people who havent had success with any other type of treatment, for those who would prefer tackling their skin issues in the privacy of the home, or those who wish to achieve success without the hugely inflated cost of clinical visits.

Also bear in mind that the use of skin creams or oil products are greatly boosted by using a DermaRoller as the absorption rate of the skin is raised considerably through the channels which are created by skin needling through the epidermis.

Know You Heart Risks

Know You Heart Risks

Heart attacks, the major manifestation of coronary heart disease or atherosclerosis, plaque, continues to be the leading cause of mortality in the US, and will continue to be so as longevity increases, and as the number of senior citizens increases. And, yes, many of us feel that we know what puts us at risk for a heart attack, and what we have to do in order to decrease that risk. But do we really know enough?

Many of us know, or at least heard of, the role of smoking, diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise, and hypertension. We also know of the role of cholesterol, including the good cholesterol HDL and the bad cholesterol LDL, or even triglycerides. We even know that its better to be born with good genes, or to parents who never develop heart disease.

Look at one cholesterol related example: We now can look not only at the total LDL and HDL, but also at their respective subclasses. There are at least two LDL patterns predominantly small particles LDL, also known as Pattern B, and predominantly large particles LDL, known as Pattern A. Pattern B is the dangerous one, and its the one that can usually be managed by lowering dietary fat intake. In contrast, Pattern A individuals may not benefit, or even become worse with dietary fat restriction. Similarly, there are other subclasses, each of which has its own significance and therapeutic implications.

And what about Homocyteine and CardioCRP? Both are potentially important markers of the risk of coronary heart disease.

Homocysteine is an amino acid produced by the body during protein digestion. Excess homocysteine injures arterial walls, thereby aggravating the effects of the bad cholesterol. It is more commonly found in smokers, the elderly, the heavy alcohol drinker, and in individuals with kidney failure or a recent heart attack

Inflammation of the coronary arteries accelerates the formation of coronary plaque. CardioCRP is a marker of inflammation, and helps identify those at risk of a first and subsequent heart attack, even when the cholesterol risk is low.

Newer blood tests, such as the ones done by the Berkeley HeartLab, Inc. go even further into analyzing inflammatory markers, and the benefit effect of certain drugs in the management of cardiac risk factors.

Early detection of plaque formation has become easier too. Were all familiar with the common treadmill stress test, stress ECHOs, nuclear Thallium or MIBI test, or even cardiac catheterization. But new tools have evolved. A modern fast cardiac CT scan in experienced hands can show calcium in existing plaque, and thus estimate the degree of atherosclerosis. Computerized coronary angiography, which is only minimally invasive, can even better assess the extent of plaque formation.

Many other developments are just below the horizon. However, an important problem hindering the use of many new techniques is coverage by the health insurance companies as well as Medicare, which traditionally take years to sanction their use.

Regardless, weve come a long way in our ability to identify the risk of coronary heart disease, and to detect it early. At our practice, early detection and prevention is a cornerstone. For additional information, contact us.

Internet Advertising For Beginners

Internet Advertising For Beginners

As in many other activities in life, one needs to devise a strategy to succeed. Internet advertising for beginners can help one gain such knowledge. An advertising strategy that worked for someone else may not be the best for you, one has to establish a style that is new, versatile and accommodative. Having known what you want in an advertising strategy, it is easy to achieve it. If everything does not work, then it is time to call in a specialist in website internet advertisement.

Enrolling on the top search engines is another important step. Some search engines can actually allow you to put up your listings for free. Advertising can be done through banners or the classifieds which is advantageous as they usually work 24/7 and are available to all the online community. Some of these are also free. With these, you can get in touch with a web master dealing in a web site that holds your interests. Ask him or her whether they would have your banner on their web site in order to get it noticed.

Another viable method of advertising on the internet is the use of press releases. This is whereby a number of articles are compiled detailing the good points about your products or services capitalizing on the quality, price among others. These compositions are then taken to different web publishers, hence your advert successfully circulated to the different web sites.

Another important step in your internet advertising for beginners process is to make sure that you locate websites that have similar interests to yours and set up links. This could greatly improve the network extensions which translate to more visitors to your website. This will obviously give you a higher ranking to the search engines.

There are advertising agencies that announce the presence of your website. With these, it is a wise thing to check for ads that call in the best response rates and capitalize on them. Advertising freebies are the best when it comes to gaining regular customers. This is made possible by offering customer free items and utilities or even product samples. This method of gathering customers can always be complimented by providing contests and offering good prices for them ensuring that you gain popularity by offering grand prices.

News group advertising is also important. This is whereby you advertise your products or services by posting ads to discussion forums. One can also be active in such discussions. Emails can also be used in advertising. After gathering email addresses from your clients, you can then send them information that will keep them updated about your line of products or services. However, it is important to be moderate on the mails that you send.

Finally, signature advertising is another prudent way of adverting yourself. This is simply done by leaving your web sites URL when sending email messages. In general, internet advertising for beginners means ensuring that you are aware of the methods to advertise your businesses in the internet. You will realize that the effort required is minimal, it is cost effective and it surely gives greater returns.

Outlook Express Troubleshooting

Outlook Express Troubleshooting

To solve this problem click Tools > Accounts > Mail Tab > Click a duplicate mail account and then click remove. Keep doing this until all the duplicates have been removed. You can find this file through the Windows search utility.

Emails can be sent but not receiving

The cause of this problem is your domain is likely to out of space or you need to increase the disk space of your email accounts so that you can receive the emails again.

Hyperlinks are not working in Outlook Express

If hyperlinks are not working in the Outlook Express then perform the following actions.

How to Send Emails via Yahoo Account

Yahoo SMTP and POP3 are the paid services and when you pay for these services you can send and receive emails from your Yahoo Accounts.

Outlook Express Wont Allow Attachments

Go to the Tools menu> Options> Security tab and remove the checkmark beside Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus.

Notebook vs

Notebook vs

A laptop is a small, portable computer. A notebook is essentially a synonym for laptop, but sometimes people use the term to mean smaller laptops. There are different classes of laptops, ranging from ultraportables, which may be less powerful but are very small and light to desktop replacements which have large screens and high performance but may be heavy and bulky. Notebook then, can be used as a term to describe the smaller range of laptops. However, in common use, laptop and notebook often mean the same exact thing and can be used interchangeably.While the terms laptop and notebook are often used interchangeably, laptop is the older term, introduced in 1983 with the Gavilan SC. Notebook computer is a later coinage, which was used to differentiate smaller devices such as those of the NEC UltraLite and Compaq LTE series in 1989, which were, in contrast to previous laptops, the approximate size of an A4 paper sheet.1 The terms are imprecise: due to heat and other issues, many laptops are inappropriate for use on ones lap, and most notebooks are not the size of typical A4 paper notebook. While the terms laptop and notebook are often used interchangeably, laptop is the older term, introduced in 1983 with the Gavilan SC. Notebook computer is a later coinage, which was used to differentiate smaller devices such as those of the NEC UltraLite and Compaq LTE series in 1989, which were, in contrast to previous laptops, the approximate size of an A4 paper sheet.1 The terms are imprecise: due to heat and other issues, many laptops are inappropriate for use on ones lap, and most notebooks are not the size of typical A4 paper notebook.

Today the terms are used interchangeably. But laptop and notebook are really names of two different portable computer form factors.

Laptops date back to the early 80s and were completely flat with a builtin monitor which had to be propped up in your laptop to see. Thus the term laptop was used.

The notebook form factor was launched in 1989. Notebooks introduced the clamshellstyle where a flat panel display was hinged to the computer. The term notebook was used because of the way it folded in half, like a notebook. Notebooks should not be confused with netbooks which are ultrasmall and ultralightweight mobile computing devices that lack certain features like optical drives and have reduced computing power.

New ways of promoting a website

New ways of promoting a website

Twitter combined with an onsight WPblog,

I have been using this combination now for about two months, I just write short blog post abt 5 times a week on the issues my site is about career advice, management, leadership, resumes and job seeking stuff. I then do a tweet notifying of the latest topic. My Alexa ranking has improved at an amazing rate. Actually if you do interesting tweets not talk about your coffee drinking habits as some do the twitter account also grows like crazy, however you have to do the follow others then cull non followers stuff. I became serious about twitter only in April this year and should hit 20K followers in a week or so. The other interesting thing is I find that I get followers that I am not following, I guess through the followfriday recommendations.

I have been using this combination now for about two months, I just write short blog post abt 5 times a week on the issues my site is about career advice, management, leadership, resumes and job seeking stuff. I then do a tweet notifying of the latest topic. My Alexa ranking has improved at an amazing rate. Actually if you do interesting tweets not talk about your coffee drinking habits as some do the twitter account also grows like crazy, however you have to do the follow others then cull non followers stuff. I became serious about twitter only in April this year and should hit 20K followers in a week or so. The other interesting thing is I find that I get followers that I am not following, I guess through the followfriday recommendations.

Insect Bites

Insect Bites

The majority of insects will protect themselves if they feel threatened. This is quite amazing when you think about how small insects are compared to the mammalian interloper. Most insects will only atttack if you wander into their territory. There are also insects that have to drink blood but they actively seek their prey. This type includes insects such as mosquitoes and fleas.

Ants make up the largest segment of biters. All ants will try to bite if they feel the requirement, but most black ants simply do not possess big enough mandibles or jaws to get a grip. The big exception in all ant and antlike varieties are the soldiers, which have colossal mandibles compared to the workers.

Red ants can bite with or without poison and some sting as well. Formic acid is their normal chemical weapon. Some ants inject it, which is what we feel if we are bitten by red ants, but other ants spray it into the eyes of its aggressors.

The most painful sting of any insect is delivered by the Bullet Ant of Central and South America. The Bullet Ants sting has the top rating possible on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index. The scale goes from zero to four; zero being painless to humans through two for bees and wasps to four for excruciating pain.

The Fire Ant, which is famous for its painful bite ranks a 1.2 on this scale, but level 1.8 is likened to having a staple fired into your cheek. The European honey bee is on level two and the Red Harvester Ant is on level three.

Some bites and stings are not so high on the scale but can still be deadly. The Jack Jumper Ant is in this category and people, especially hypersensitives, have been known to die from Fire Ant stings, which inject piperidine alkaloids rather than formic acid.

The mandibles of the Trap Jaw Ant are the fastest closing jaws in the animal world. They have been measured at 230 KPH 143 MPH. Another curious ant defense is carried out by a Malaysian species: it ejects its stomach unto its aggressor. The stomach acids contain acetophones which completely immobilize insects. Unfortunately, the soldier dies because its stomach has been torn out.

Bees, ants and wasps are all related in the order known as Hymenoptera. Bees and wasps only sting although some wasps do have large jaws as well. One definition of a wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera that is neither a bee nor an ant Wikipedia.

Not all wasps are black and yellow. There are not many insects that do not have a type of wasp preying on it, which makes them very important in the biocontrol of harmful insects. A lot of wasps do not sting their prey to kill it for food, they sting it to paralyze it.

While paralyzed, the wasp lays her eggs in the prey, which becomes fresh food for her young when they hatch out. This is normally the only time that a wasp eats meat in its whole life, because adult wasps feed on nectar and honey like bees.

When a bee stings it releases pheromones which encourage other bees nearby to sting too. The most belligerent stingers though are vespid wasps common black and yellow wasps.

Fleas, ticks and bed bugs, unlike mosquitoes, really feed on blood, that is they use it for food, whereas the mosquito needs it as the white of her eggs. There have been times in our history when losing a few drops of blood to a flea was not the worst thing about being bitten by them. They also carried the Plague, which wiped out a large percentage of the population of Europe several times.

Spiders and scorpions make up the causes of the majority of insect bites although they are comparatively rare. If you would like to know more, please go to our website at Getting Rid of Mosquito Bites.

Individual Fundraising

Individual Fundraising

Why not do a onetwo punch of two successful fundraisers in one? Car washes can easily $600 to $1,000 in a single Saturday and you can boost that by offering lots of homebaked goodies.

Keep drawing new customers by avoiding the appearance of a long wait. To speed things up, wash cars in multiple lines. Offer the baked goods to all your customers. An easy way to do it is to have everything out on tables where drivers wait while their cars are washed. Sell small boxes for $10 that they can fill up with their selections.

Ever want to see inside some of the latest new homes or tour the best houses of the local historic district? So do lots of other people and its surprisingly easy to make a great fundraiser out of a themed tour.

For instance, new homes displaying the latest interior design fashions can be set up for fundraising. Sell tickets that allow access during a select time window such as week or tenday timeframe. Builders then sell the designer houses either furnished or just decorated with great colors, draperies, etc.

Or, you can arrange a candlelight tour of the Historic District to benefit your cause. Work with the neighborhood association to find homeowners willing to open their homes for a single night. Do guided walking tours in small groups and point out significant sites along the way.

Dances can be great fun and great fundraisers. All you need is a theme, a place, and some music. Possible themes include Roaring Twenties, Sixties, Disco, New Wave, Pop Tarts, Dancing With The Stars, Dancing Under The Stars, etc.

Whatever time period or fashion disasters you choose, live music will draw a bigger crowd than having a DJ will. Book a band that can cover the hits of that particular era and add promote heavily.

Add extra fundraising with silent auctions, wine tastings, whiskey tasting, catered dinner, slave auctions, and anything else that fits.

These make a great mother/daughter event, but you can also take the fun route and include the Almost Queen For A Day mens beauty pageant for laughs during intermission.

Work with area stores and designers to line up an appropriate selection of fashions that will appeal to large audience. Include a catered lunch and silent auctions of donated goods and services. All it takes is a little event creativity and youre in business.

Add as many additional fundraising activities to your event as possible. Raffles, auctions, donations, sponsorships, sales, and discounts are among the most popular methods.

Draw a big crowd by publicizing your event with a press release, email campaign, newsletter, and by having everyone involved work their contacts. Most of all, make it a fun individual fundraising event that captures attention and supports a great cause.

Just about everything you wanted to know about amortization

Just about everything you wanted to know about amortization

Define amortization. You can define the term easily if you have a solid education in the basics of finance. You probably know what it is if youve bought a house once or twice.

Or maybe you sorta, kinda know what amortization means, but not really. You wouldnt bet the farm that you completely understand the word.

First up, we have Philip Russel, assistant professor of finance at Philadelphia University, who defines amortization as the systemic payment plan such as a monthly payment so that your loan is paid off over the specified loan period.

So an amortized loan is for one specific amount that is to be paid off by a certain date, usually in equal monthly installments. Your car loan and home loan fit that definition. Your credit card account doesnt, because its a revolving loan with no fixed payoff date.

Thats only part of what lenders mean when they talk about amortization.

Chris Edwards, manager of the businesstoconsumer Web site for IndyMac Bank Home Lending, a mortgage lender, points out that amortization arises from a Latin term that means to deaden, and that a common dictionary definition includes the phrase gradual extinguishment.

This term sounds about as fun as a preneed funeral service sales presentation, he emails.

Amortization is less about death than about shrinkage or gradual extinguishment. A part of the payment goes toward the interest cost and the remainder of the payment goes toward the principal amount the amount borrowed, Russel says. Interest is computed on the current amount owed and thus will become progressively smaller as the ending balance of the loan reduces. See? Shrinkage.

Back to Edwards: If youve ever had a mortgage, youll know that you seem to pay a lot toward interest and not much toward the principal balance for the first several years of your loan. This isnt a complex financial scheme dreamed up by graysuited bankers in an underground conference room, but rather simple mathematics.

Take a mortgage loan for $100,000 at 6.5 percent for 30 years. The monthly principal and interest payment is $632.07. For the first month, you owe interest for $100,000, which equals $541.67. The remainder of the payment $90.40 goes toward principal. In other words, your debt is reduced by $90.40.

Next month, you only owe interest on $99,909.60, so $541.18 goes to interest and $90.89 goes to principal, Edwards says. Month after month, your interest portion will decrease a bit and your principal reduction will increase. This process continues until your 360th payment contributes $3.41 to interest and $628.66 to principal.

In the above example, youll be delighted to see that after 256 payments, youve paid off about half of your loan, Edwards says. Thats 21 years and four months.

You pay off the other half of the principal in the remaining eight years and eight months.

Now, if the loan above amortized for 15 years instead of 30 years, the monthly principal and interest would cost $871.11. In the first month you still would pay $541.67 in interest because the amount of the loan is the same and the interest rate is the same. But you would pay $329.44 in principal with that first payment because youre paying the loan off more quickly.

Jeep Radiators

Jeep Radiators

Whether you drive a Jeep CJ, YJ, SJ, or any other make, there are Jeep radiators available from aftermarket dealers. Sure, your factoryissued radiator should last you for at least the term of your warranty. After those three years or 36,000 miles, though, you may need to replace it if you dont have it flushed with some regularity.

Why do Jeep radiators endure more abuse than other automakers radiators? There are a couple of reasons. One of these is that Jeep owners typically expose their vehicles to more abuse than other owners do. After all, Jeeps are designed for offroading and climbing, two tasks that exact a heavier toll from engines. Hence, Jeep owners must be even more conscientious when it comes to their maintenance schedules than other owners must be.

A second reason why Jeep radiators as well as other Jeep parts bear a disproportionate burden has to do with folklore. It seems Jeep owners are constantly trying to oneup each other in feats of pure towing and hauling prowess. While Jeeps are in fact capable of bearing astounding cargo loads, this doesnt mean that Jeeps are invincible. Owners who indicate otherwise are likely to find themselves in the repair shop a lot faster than they believe.

Grand Cherokees, Libertys, and Wranglers combine Power Tech engines and impressive torque to produce impressive results on the offroad trail. That said, they must find efficient ways of managing the enormous stress placed on their engines as drivers rev up steep inclines and grind their way over rocks and tree limbs. Without proper engine maintenance, your radiator may be the first part to go, leading to a series of other expensive repairs.

Is Your Website Content Worth Reading or Obvious Search Engine Bait

Is Your Website Content Worth Reading or Obvious Search Engine Bait

Webmasters are always looking for ways to increase their traffic and exposure. This is natural and will never change. No one is ever content with their traffic levels.

But problems arise with this reality as well. While it is good to be motivated to get as much traffic as possible, it is tempting to try and cut corners and use tactics that are temporary rather than permanent solutions.

And there are myriad tactics that can take your entire business down the tubes as well. The trick is not to be tempted with shortterm gain over longterm income from your web business.

Many webmasters are aware that content is king and that you have to brand your site to make sales and build credibility. But most people only take these facts at face value and only as they pertain to the search engines. Big mistake.

Your content is your lifeblood for more reasons than search engine placement. This is your face on the net.

So if youre using new strategies to bring in more targeted traffic, make sure you dont use something that could kill your business just to get some short term traffic.

Many people are putting article directories on their sites these days. Having a set of articles on your site is great for building credibility and making more sales, if you do it right.

But as is always the case, I see people taking that to the extreme and missing the point entirely.

With no editorial review they just take the whole category their site fits in best and grab up any and all articles in it. Remember, anyone can get into an article directory whether they can write or not. Whether they are an expert or not. Want those guys on your site representing you?Why so small? Because I review each and every article that is submitted there. There is a very good reason for this.

The Downside of Temporary Traffic

To get someone to first visit your site takes money and time. Once you have them there it is easier to get them back if you impress them.

Whatever methods of temporary website promotion you use, you have to keep in mind that you want something that will work for you for years, not months. Therefore, if all you ever do is troll for temporary traffic you will ALWAYS be promoting as hard as you are today. Wasnt part of the reason you started working online to work less and make more?

Me, I want to have a network of sites that eventually promote themselves so I can spend the rest of my life on vacation. If you dont start laying down the foundation of that kind of system, you are never going to be able to retire with your sites supporting you.

Dont Use Content for Contents Sake

Putting up content for contents sake is redundant. Other peoples content is already on hundreds of other pages.

You dont stand out in the crowd that way alone. It is temporary at best if it works at all for you, and once people get to your site and realize you have harvested all your content from a directory they have already read through, youve made an enemy, not a customer out of them.

AND if you were unscrupulous enough to even reprint articles from people who spammed that directory with ads, poor english, poor advice, and everything else, I guarantee your visitors are leaving your site with no respect for you, whatever you sell, and with a deep hatred of sites like yours on the net.

That is not a longterm plan for a web business. See what I mean by temporary? No repeat traffic is no business at all.

Therefore I get repeat traffic, more clicks on ads, more sales of products, and a real income from that directory that will last as long as I own the site.

Someday, if you are one of the webmasters I talked about above who only see the shortterm picture, you are going to get tired of all the work you have to constantly do to keep traffic coming in.

And the worst part is, since you will have no foundation to rely on when you need a break, you wont be able to take one. If your focus on website promotion is always on short campaigns and tricking search engines temporarily into thinking your site is of actual value, once you stop what youre doing probably from sheer burnout your income also stops.

But if you have the foresight to build a base for your internet business, and you pay attention to and have standards for the kind of content you put up, you will be able to walk away from your business from time to time and the traffic and interest will still be there.

For me it is unthinkable to base my entire business on temporary solutions for getting traffic and sales when, if you have seen what you can make in the short term,why not get set up to reap those rewards for life?

But thats just me. I profit greatly from people doing it the other way. Simply because when someone comes to my site and sees content of value, they feel as though they have found an oasis in a desert of trash. A place they will visit more than twice and gladly bookmark.

Internet SAFETY Act

Internet SAFETY Act

Reference by David Snead

Representative Lamar Smith recently introduced the . The SAFETY Act has one provision that is particularly troubling for web hosts, and another that has the potential to create a great deal of work and expense.

Whoever, being an Internet content hosting provider or email service provider, knowingly engages in any conduct the provider knows or has reason to believe facilitates access to, or the possession of, child pornography as defined in section 2256 shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

What is troublesome about this provision is the use of the phrase or has reason to believe facilitates access to, or the possession of, child pornography. So what is or to believe? Criminal statutes are generally interpreted relatively conservatively, and whether an individual or entity actually has the requisite level of knowledge will depend on the circumstances. However, given the fact that enforcement of child pornography laws is a particular priority, it is not unreasonable to expect that a prosecutor might allege a host had knowledge, or reason to believe, it was hosting child pornography, based simply on a domain name, or a directory file structure.

The second provision creates a records retention requirement. The Act directs the Attorney General to regulations governing retention of records. At a minimum, the regulations must require that the contact information, and user id or telephone number with which the id was associated, be kept for a period of time. As the Act is currently drafted, this provision only applies to ISPs. Given the statements made by Attorney General Gonzales, and various law enforcement officials, that they have had difficulty securing this information from web hosts this provision is likely to be expanded. If that is the case, hosts may be required to invest in expensive systems and infrastructure to capture and store this data.

Wood Caddies

Wood Caddies

Fireplaces are great, but they do come with one major problem: the need for wood. I remember many times during my childhood when my dad asked me to make the terrible trek outside into the cold to get more wood for the fire. Since most people store their wood outside, having a good wood caddy to carry your wood inside can make your trip into the cold a whole lot easier.

Finding the Right Wood Caddy

There are many types of wood caddies out there, so youll be able to find one to suit your particular needs. If you use your fireplace a lot, youre probably going to want a caddy that is good for both carrying wood and holding a lot of wood inside next to your fireplace where its nice and warm. Many caddies are designed for holding wood, not for carrying it, so look for a model that comes with handles or some sort of carrying mechanism.

Some of the neatest caddies Ive seen come with a canvas bag that actually sits inside of a metal rack. The canvas bag comes with handles, so you can bring it outside, load it up with logs, then bring it back in and place it in the metal rack. This type of caddy is also useful because it tends to keep little wood chips and sawdust from falling on your floor or carpet.

Caddies are also available for different types of wood. You can get a smaller caddy that is designed to hold smaller pieces of kindling or fatwood, or you can buy a caddy designed for larger logs. In either case, youll be able to find plenty of beautiful wrought iron or brass designs that will match your interior decor.

Will the ers

Will the 49ers

Two games in, this doesn appear to be the strategy.

Beating Seattle 3317 in Week One didn help their chances of getting Luck who presumably will go 1 in the draft next year.

In Week Two, the Niners played a good Dallas team into OT out in San Francisco granted, Dallas was coming off a short week MNF and long flight NYC to SF.

The NFC West is terrible. I can see the Niners not winning at least three of six interdivisional games they are 10 now; overall, the Niners will probably be somewhere around .500, meaning they have no shot at Luck.

The Chiefs. Although they just took a QB in Dalton, no way would they pass up Luck. Could go 06 or 15 in division; they look terrible so far although New England is great and Houston isn bad, so they may just have run into big teams out of the gate. I can believe this team is this bad. but I will never, ever question Manning 4 MVPs again. Could he be forced to retire. They trade the pick, having just taken Cam Newton, but they are 02 despite Newton throwing for 854 yards in his first two starts. I betting Newton won keep up a 6,500+ passing yard pace..

Why Celebrate Labor Day

Why Celebrate Labor Day

To many Americans Labor Day is a celebration of the last long weekend of summer. We celebrate with our barbecues and fishing trips and enjoy one last blast before fall becomes a reality. Most people dont realize the very real struggle in the roots of this holiday and the beliefs, history and courage that we should be honoring.

Samuel Gompers, founder and longtime president of the American Federation of Labor summed up this holidays importance with these words: All other holidays are in a more or less degree connected with conflicts and battles of mans prowess over man, of strife and discord for greed and power, of glories achieved by one nation over another. Labor Day is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race, or nation.

Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement in America at a time when labor was not valued and not honored. Sweathouses were prevalent and workers were often mistreated and devalued. Unions were formed to protect workers and out of these unions came the call for a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. They called for one day a year in tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength and prosperity of their country.

Two men stand at the forefront of the movement to create a nationally recognized day for laborers. Peter J McGuire, an Irish American cabinetmaker and general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a cofounder of the American Federation of Labor first suggested a day to honor Americas workers in May 1882. Let us have a festive day during which a parade through the streets of the city would permit public tribute to American Industry.

Matthew Maguire, a machinist and later the secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, NJ, proposed the holiday later in that same year. The Central Labor Union adopted his proposal and the first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1883.

By the late 1880s other labor organizations began lobbying their state governments for recognition of Labor Day as an official state holiday. The first state to declare the holiday a state holiday by law was Oregon on February 21, 1887. That same year Colorado, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey also enacted such laws. Other states continued to recognize the holiday in their legislatures.

A pivotal event in 1894 would help Labor Day become a nationally recognized holiday. The Pullman Company, manufacturer of sleeping cars for passenger trains, was feeling the strain of a failing economy. It had laidoff many of its employees while cutting the wages of those still employed by the company. In retaliation for what they viewed as unfair treatment, the workers walked out and production came to a standstill. In sympathy to their cause, The American Railway Union, led by Eugene V. Debs refused to haul railroad cars made by the company. All railroads stopped moving as a result. When the mail service was disrupted, it became a national issue and the president was called upon to intervene.

Grover Cleveland, a long time foe of organized labor, declared the strike a federal crime and ordered the striking laborers back to work. When the ARU refused, 12,000 federal troops were deployed to break the strike. Violence erupted, riots ensued and in the end, 2 men were killed and their leaders were jailed. The strike was over, but the American citizens opinion of Cleveland would suffer. Protests began over his harsh methods of dealing with the struggling workers and their appeasement became a top political priority.

1894 was an election year. Hoping to win back public favor Cleveland signed the bill making Labor Day a nationally recognized holiday. He was not reelected.

Unions changed the fate of the American worker. At a time when workers were devalued and mistreated they provided a brotherhood to stand against big industry. In celebration of Labor Day we celebrate those that fought for a better life while working hard and pursuing their American dream. This Labor Day, honor them in your festivities. Thank them for their perseverance in pursuit of fair treatment and the benefits you now enjoy because of their sacrifices.

Who Is Texting My Husband

Who Is Texting My Husband

Who Is Texting My Husband? Find Out Now!

Do you want to find out who is texting my husband? Youre not alone, in fact there are many people all around the world going through the exact same situation as you are. If your husband is getting a constant stream of texts, but is behaving very suspiciously and not wanting to reveal who is texting them, thats a big danger sign right there. So how do you cut through all the lies and find out the truth about who is texting my husband once and for all? At the end of this article, it will become very clear to you as to how to get to the bottom of the whole situation.

So how do you find out who is texting my husband? Well, obviously the first thing that most people would do is to wait for their spouse to be away from their phone. Then, they will attempt to access the phone and read the text messages on it. Pretty simple, right? This may be effective if your husband is careless and doesnt expect you to check his phone, but if he is already doing something wrong, you can expect that he will take the necessary steps to stop you from finding out. Thus, it can be expected that he would delete any incriminating messages from his phone to avoid being found out.

Since you cant check his phone to find out who is texting my husband, the next logical step would be to try to read his deleted messages. Is there any way that you can do this? Actually, there is a little known mobile phone monitoring software program that will allow you to do just that! Thats right, you can purchase and install an app on your husbands mobile phone that will allow you to read his texts, view his instant messaging conversations, check his browser history and even track his hourly GPS location! Best of all, this software will copy everything to an online location that only you can view before he even has a chance to delete the text.

The Best Way To Find Out Who Is Texting My Husband

The best monitoring software that you can use to find out who is texting my husband is Mobile Spy. I would highly recommend it if you want an affordable and reliable solution to find out if your husband is doing something suspicious.