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Lesion on penis

Lesion on penis

Hi, Im a 21 year old male. Ive had STD tests and everything comes back negative. This will take quite a while to describe, as I dont want to leave anything out.

Five months ago I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with my ex. I later heard that her boyfriend right before this event had genital warts. About a week afer intercourse my urethra started itching like crazy for periods ranging from 10 minutes to an hour or so. That stopped after two weeks.

I then noticed a rashlike redness on my frenulum continuing right up to and I think into my urethral opening. The urethral meatus has changed appearance; it isnt flush with the surface of the glans like it used to be; its developed a redness and small red dots slightly inverted? the size of a pinhead that are only sometimes visible and I believe I can see some redness/discolouration on the inside if i spread my urethra open. I also have one or two small pinhead sized bumps on the glans, right next to about 1cm from the urethra that are aparrent only while erect or if I squeeze the end of my penis. Ive developed small bumps on the prepuce area, which my GP says are most likely irritated glands and hopefully not warts, but theres no way to tell for now.

Now, the thing that Im most concerned about is the redness and irritation on the frenulum/urethra. It occasionally and increasingly feels itchy or I can just kind of feel that the rash is there. Ive been told to use Hydrocortisone, Canesten aparrently to 3 different doctors it looked like a yeast infection, and Nerisone. None of these have done anything. When I go to my family doctor he just keeps telling me to use the Nerisone. Its bothering me more and more frequently, but seems neither to be spreading nor regressing. Ive been to about 7 different doctors to see if anybody knows what it is and what to do and its always no diagnosis and cream, cream, cream and they send me on my way. Ive tried to get referrals to a dermatologist, but my requests are constantly ignored for no given reason. Id like to know exactly what it is, then I can explore my options with treating it if treatable.

Do you have any ideas what this may be, or any suggestions on how I can find out specialists that may be able to diagnose it? Can warts cause rashes? Could it be cancer? There is a history of skin cancer in my family.

A thorough answer would be greatly appreciated if youve got the time, if not, a short answer is fine. Anything will help; Im at my wits end!!! I apologize for not being brief.

Your description sounds like a urethritis. It really doesnt sound to me like this is a case of genital warts. It may, however, be a different STD. Even though youve been tested, the tests are not 100%. I would recommend you talk to your doctors about being treated for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomonas. All three of these can be treated with a one dose medicine three different one dose medicines. This may help clear up an infection if it is there.

It sounds like you have been appropriately treated for a fungal yeast infection so this is less likely. Treatment often will need to be for 2 weeks solid. Less time may allow it to return.