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Pepe Jeans India plans

Pepe Jeans India plans

Pepe Jeans India plans to set up in accordance with the consignment model in more than 50 retail stores in India, including in the second and third tier cities, with 12 months to strengthen the brands market share, brand value is currently 500 million Pepe Rupees, PJL Clothing I managed the sale of the brand in India, Mr Chetan Shah, general manager of the company to disclose the information.

He accepted an exclusive interview with Fibre2fashion, said the Indian media, Pepe Jeans London in 1989 into India, today, Pepe Jeans is already Indias first highend denim brands, International.

Initially, India did a large area of shopping malls, there is no specific brand retail stores, retail sales of jeans, not the way with international standards, infrastructure is poor, therefore, Pepe jeans, many problems must be solved only in India a success.

He continued, Pepe Jeans has become an Indian denim brand, the brand has become a complete denim clothing line, including denim jackets, shirts, etc., as well as jeans series. Pepe has gradually formed a series, such as nonwoven fabrics, jeans material, fashion jeans, non denim and denim apparel. Today, Pepe is the only men and women can provide a complete solution to the international casual wear brand.

He said Pepe Jeans is definitely a casual brands, including casual cotton shirt, denim shirt, light jeans, Tshirts, shirts, jackets, cotton slacks and dress, therefore, Pepe Jeans London has been formed from a pair of jeans today, a brand Complete lifestyle brand. Pepes current highend jeans and casual wear market share is 25%, the company plans to market the next five years will increase by 20%.

Maybe you can promise that says he has never not need to wear suits and ties, but you say he never wear jeans? Although the recent hole in jeans to do the old fashion, but this does not mean that old pair of jeans a few years ago can now very fashionable to wear, fashion is not so reasonable, so the old do very nature is In, the natural wear old is Out.

If the nontalk about truth, we come to compare this season to do the old design and the natural wear old What is the difference. In any wear white washing, do some of the old pair of jeans always retain the original colors, such as the hole in jeans D G, the most shallow part of the light gray, the deepest part or indigo, so that it can compare; wearing old jeans Only the overall whitening. Look at the holes, jeans show floor are holes in the knees or thighs design, appears to models who fought with something like nature, and the fight after the fabrics are warp and weft been broken; take a look at their old Jeans, walk sit, it has a trouser pocket lining broken washing hole. Not to mention differences in style, and too fat or too skinny jeans allseason, the width was just right and straight jeans is the time.

Is not that really should buy the new jeans? Are you familiar with the British or Italian brand store may not have enough choices, the United States is the birthplace of jeans and popular culture, to see the works of designers in New York now, there will be unexpected gains.

The point of the eye is that jeans, bags of prominent former table Fu Ma LOGO, leather card specially designed by the HI PANDA holding a LOGO Fu Panda horse logo, more interesting, but also convey the intention of both joint limits jeans. This section the exclusive limited edition pair of jeans on sale will attract more people chasing the heat wave of popular pursuit.