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Safety Concerns About Myspace Growth Continues

Safety Concerns About Myspace Growth Continues

No matter what you think of MySpace, MySpace growth continues. Some reports Ive heard say its double the size of Google, while others say that sites like FaceBook are even bigger than MySpace.

Whatever the case, many are concerned about how safe MySpace is or is not, and they should be. However, making such blatant statements as

Sure, MySpace can be a haven for bad things happening to good or nave people. But so can the grocery store, public school, outdoor park or even a telephone. The issue is not about MySpace or the Internet, but rather a morally bankrupt society that has lost direction and focus on the right way to do things.

Comments to this same article identify the problem with MySpace as being primarily one of poor parental guidance.

Its a parents job to monitor what his or her kids do online.

If you think its wrong dont let your daughter do it.

In a way I would agree with these statements, but the issue really is much deeper than parents controlling what their children do and do not do. For example, why has the sexual predator deemed it okay to pursue their unhealthy desires in the first place? What have we as a society and culture neglected to acknowledge that could lead a person to deeming this as an okay approach to take?

Is it our lack of real discipline for those who are caught breaking the law?

Has are largely hands off policy communicated the message that consequences do not follow actions be they good or bad?

While it may indeed be the parents responsibility to lovingly nurture their children, removing ourselves from the equation while pointing at them is far from the honest truth. One thing seems certain. MySpace growth continues to exceed some peoples expectations while the whole concept of Web 2.0 technologies really is just getting under way. Therefore, it seems clear to me that the choice we are left with is one of regaining the moral ground we have lost or continue to watch our society degenerate from the inside out just as some predicted would happen in the not to distant past.