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nothing about computers

nothing about computers

May take longer than a year. Intel has been declining little by little, Apple is also falling and Microsoft may hold steady but I figure it will fall also due to Windows 8 being god awful ugly, too much of a change and requiring users to spend thousands of dollars to get the true experience.

I would have just bought the parts ;

Anyway, just my opinions as a nonstock person I believe the stock market has driven the greed factor into the stratosphere and created the problems with income disparity due to companies having to make more and more profit to be deemed worthy. asasale/ from that article anyway. Looking to sell off patents, chop up the company into little bites, etc.

AMD used to be a price leader with their cpus and still stand up to, or pass, Intel chips. They are not at that point now. I can see AMD doing good in the low end market for pcs but with all the advancements Intel made with the iseries chips, amd just cant compete on the high end without a major price reduction.

Lets see AMD release a nice new cpu that blows the i7 out of the water, then they will be relevant again. Wont happen. AMD has gotten stale and without the money to invest in doing something revolutionary they are going to keep floundering in the sea of Intel while trying to keep their head above the water since they cant afford scuba gear.

If you think the market will swing back up after the fiscal cliff issues are over.

I own both and Ill tell you what. The iPhone 5 has nothing to offer over the Galaxy S III in terms of hardware or features that I care about. Shares are now off 25 percent since late Septembershortly after the iPhone 5 launch and a month before the iPad Mini introduction. Losing momentum

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Qualcom may be the best choice of all 3 you listed. I think the phone/isp/wireless companies are in a transition phase. They have to spend big money to get up super fast broadband or else they have to walk away from the landlines and go for broke on everything wireless and expensive as all hell. I dont see a plan for either of those options from any of the companies as they are too worried about keeping profit up and investors happy. If it gets to below 30 dollars a share I might buy some shares.

Qcom p/e ratio is 20.09 Now thats more like it. I still like intel. p/e ratio is 8.76 Not to mention its trading at 52 week lows.

aapl price/earnings ratio is 11.86 To me that is a screaming buy.

goog p/e is 20.36 Not bad, thats why I only bought 1 share.

These are all good stocks and I hope we dont go off the fiscal cliff. If we do all bets are off. At this point I feel that its to risky to be in the market and to risky to miss a market rally. 50/50 chance of something. Its always good to have some cash in reserves. Intel gives me a Div/yield 0.22/4.48 per share. Seems to me thats better than keeping cash in the bank.

With the article about Intel that was posted makes me feel very confident that Intel is going to do very well in the future. I also think that Apple is going to have a great holiday season, so I bought 2 more shares. I also bought 1 more share of Google because I think that the Google maps will be making its way to the IPhone. So in total I have 4 shares of Apple, 150 shares of Intel, and 2 shares of Google. Wish me luck! Edit: Total price is 6,603.08.

No tickets for general public to see Obama

No tickets for general public to see Obama

President s speech in West Hartford Monday on tougher national gun rules is an invitationonly affair.

Obama will deliver an address on the campus in to approve stricter gun controls. Obama is expected to continue asking the American people to join him in calling on Congress to pass measures to reduce gun violence. The speech will come just a few days after Connecticuts passed the nations gun control laws.

A notice on the universitys website this morning said Obama will speak to current University of Hartford students, faculty, and staff, and White Houseinvited guests adding no tickets are available for the general public.

Details about ticket distribution were sent to UHart community members through its university email network late Thursday afternoon.

Family members of the Newtown school shootings victims have been invited to attend, along with the A List crowd of politicians and officials.

The White House has released few details of Obamas visit.

As you can imagine, security and access will be tightened dramatically in preparation for this event on our campus, UHart said on its web site, listing a number of changes in parking and traffic patterns.

In a statement, University President said, we are delighted that he has chosen the University of Hartford for a national policy address on the topic of gun control legislation. For those of us in Connecticut who have experienced the tragedy of the this is an especially important and emotional topic. Monday will be a wonderfully historic day for the university. I am very proud of our university and I cant wait for President Obama to see it.

As in the past, its expected that Obama will fly into in Windsor Locks on Air Force One. How the president gets to the West Hartford campus by motorcade or helicopter has not been disclosed. Obamas expected late afternoon/early evening visit will come near the peak of metroHartford rush hour traffic.

Obama last visited Connecticut on Dec. 16 two days after 20 Sandy Hook Elementary School students and six educators were gunned down by .

Obama spoke at during an interfaith vigil for families of the victims, and families from Sandy Hook Elementary School. As a community, youve inspired us, Newtown. Obama said at the vigil. In the face of indescribable violence, in the face of unconscionable evil, youve looked out for each other, and youve cared for one another, and youve loved one another. This is how Newtown will be remembered. And with time, and Gods grace, that love will see you through.

Modi factor to play decisive role in general elections

Modi factor to play decisive role in general elections

New Delhi, May 22: This is the poll season even though elections are scheduled for 2014. However, on the eveof UPA governments ninth anniversary, there were opinion polls and surveys to measure the mood of the voters. The potent theme in all the surveys was the Narendra Modi factor.

Gujarat Chief Minister Modi has raised the stakes in the coming polls with his popularity based on the governance and development. Manmohan singh, who stayed above UPA politics in the UPAI government, has slipped due to various corruption issues and scams under his nose.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhis assuption of vice presidentship of the party stirred the things up and the victory of Congress in Karnataka makes the party very pleased. However, the corruption and scams like 2G spectrum allocation and coal blocks being given to few favoured parties, has dented the credibility of the Congress.

One survey showed that 57 percent felt the UPA government was the most corrupt government in postindependence era.

The party is slipping and it is showing in the surveys.

According to another survey, two big surprises are going to come from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Modi will take the BJP from 10 seats in 2009 to 29 seats in UP. The survey ws carried out before Modis supporter Amit Shah was appointed UPincharge of the party.

Modi factor will affect both the BSP and Congress as he consolidates upper caste and other backward class voters and deliver it for the BJP.

Bihar could be another surprise and a shocker. A shocker for Nitish Kumar, who is opposed to Modi. If he moves away from NDA due to Modi, Nitishs JDU could lose seats and the BJP will surprise itself by gaining seats, nearly 20 in Bihar.

The Tempest Meets Intel CoreDuo

The Tempest Meets Intel Core 2 Duo

Last week Legit Reviews looked at the Aerocool Xfire Cooler and the Intel Retail Box Cooler on our Intel Core 2 Duo platform and found that the Aerocool Xfire provided better cooling and lower noise levels over the stock cooling solution. This week we take The OCZ Tempest Cooler out of the box to give it some much needed time in the hot seat. We again used the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Allendale processor at default timings and then again with a 1GHz overclock to see how it does with the core voltage increased and the Front Side Bus moving along at 400MHz Default is 266MHz.

The OCZ Tempest Cooler was middle of the road when it came to size, but boy did it weigh more than the others. Its weight without the fan is a massive 580 grams which makes it heavier than the other two cooling units that its pictured with. The 95.25mmL x 87.62mm W x 51.24mm H heat sink base is cooled by a seven blade 92mm fan that puts out 44CFM at 2500RPM +/10%. Since the fan is 92mm it is a little bit louder than the 23.53dB Xfire that we looked at last week coming in at 33.0dB.

The Tempest has four copper heat pipes that transfer heat from the base of the heatsink to the cooling fins. These heat pipes are sealed in design and look to be well attached to the cooling fins.

The above picture shows the nickle plated copper base on the tempest and the four heat pipes connecting to the base to the 36 cooling fins used on the heat sink.

The heat pipes go all the way through the base as seen above. Thanks to a unique series of retention brackets the OCZ Tempest works on AMD 939, 940 and AM2 platforms in addition to all Intel LGA775 configurations. With Intel systems being the in system to have we tried it out on our Core 2 Duo test platform.

The Best Beach Cruiser Bicycles

The Best Beach Cruiser Bicycles

The history of the beach cruiser bicycle began in 1933 when Schwinn introduced its World B10E Motorbikea bike that, despite its name, did not have a motor. The cruiser concept gained popularity through the middle of the 20th century, but the popularity of the cruiser faded during the 1960s. Then, in the 1970s, people started riding bicycles up and down mountains and the beach cruiser found new life as the first iteration of the mountain bike. Today, people enjoy beach cruisers as a way to reconnect with the past, and people enjoy the simplicity and comfort of the cruiser. If you want to buy a beach cruiser, here are several makes and models to consider.

Schwinn HornetThe Schwinn Hornet has an aluminum alloy frame with a builtin cup holder. The drive train is Shamano internal Nexus threespeed with Schwinn 46tooth sprocket. The cog set is a 20tooth set, and the shifters are Shimano Revo. The bike has fullwrap fenders, a chain guard, a wide, comfortable retrolooking seat and sweptback Schwinn handlebars. A rear coaster brake, painted alloy rims and wide cruiser tires complete the classic look of this beach cruiser. The Schwinn Hornet has an estimated retail price of $450 for 2010.

Felt RevolverFelt Bicycles manufactures a wide range of bicycles, and its line of cruisers is extensive and diverse. The Felt Revolver has a steel frame, faux tank and tapered forks. The Felt rims are wide and made of aluminum. The tires are Felt Quick Brick 26 x 2.125 on the back and Felt Circuit 26 x 2.125 up front. Shimano supplies the rear coaster brake hub, with a Felt over sized aluminum double 5Star design front hub. The white wall rear tire adds an eclectic look to the front tire, which is black. The custom canvas cruiser grips, canvas seat and flat handle bars complete the Revolver look. The estimated retail price for the Revolver is $500 for 2010.

Electra Deluxe 3iThe Electra Deluxe 3i is a classiclooking beach cruiser with a strong steel frame and fork set. The derailleur is a Shimano Nexus threespeed internal. The shifter is also Shimano Nexus with a twist. The cassette on the Deluxe 3i has 22 teeth for easy pedaling. The rear hub is a Shimano three speed with a coaster brake. Alloy rims hold onto Retro Runner balloon tires. The Electra Bullhorn handlebars, double spring saddle and Comfort Kraton grips provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Electra finishes off the Deluxe 3i with painted fenders and chrome fork struts. This bike has an estimated retail price of $500 for 2010. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

Tech Q Going Wireless The Deal With Firefox

Tech Q Going Wireless The Deal With Firefox

Tech Q Going Wireless Firefox

I thinking about getting a Kindle. Can I download Barnes Noble content on it? How about the Sony Reader? What the best value? Generally, buying an eBook reader is like marrying a specific content purveyor. Of course, just like the competition, nook ties you to its parent company inventory. Sony Reader $199 to $399 comes in three editions with metallic cases in a range of colors. Depending on your needs, you can have 3G connectivity, a touchscreen or MP3 compatibility, as well as support for content from public libraries or public domain titles from Google Books. The Kindle $259 to $489 stands apart from the rest of the readers in many ways, some of which are likely to bite Amazon in the ass sometime soon. For instance, the Kindle doesn support library books or the increasingly standard PDF and EPUB formats. There no touchscreen, but there is a full QWERTY keyboard at the bottom of the bezel, which adds a whole lot of size to something designed for portability. For edgy tech and unbridled cool, you should look to nook $259. Rather than the Kindle keyboard or the Sony row of buttons, nook has a small secondary color touchscreen with which you can browse the B store and control the device. nook also supports library borrowing, a bunch of formats and book lending: You can transfer your license of any purchased book to another nook owner for up to two weeks. For all of this, and for working on both WiFi and 3G via AT nook wins. There are other readers out there, but the wacky nature of the market essentially locks most of them to Google Books and other public domain sources. For the moment, the three readers here are the best choices for the typical American whose tastes run beyond ancient books or classics.

Firefox keeps crashing on me. What going on, and is it really the best browser out there? If you were one of those affected by the GIF bug in Mozilla October 27th Firefox patch, you might be wondering what the hell going on with what was the best Explorer alternative out there. Well, Firefox extensions, themes, plugins, and other gewgaws have bloated the app and created issues like the infamous crash and the equally galling Firefox Memory Leak. There good news: If you were affected by the crash from that October update, you using Windows, which means that there are a lot of browser options for you including Internet Explorer, of course. Some, like Opera, take unique approaches to the whole browsing metaphor, whereas others are just leaner, meaner Mozilla variants. KMeleon is a good example of a Mozillabased browser that is both fast and tightly woven into the Windows look and feel. On the Mac side, Camino is a leaner, Macier version of Firefox, though Apple own Safari is also a nice, quickfooted Firefox alternative. Linux users can choose from more versions than is really healthy. But, the most exciting browser right now is Google Chrome. That rather than because whereas it kicking butt and taking names on the Windows side, the recent beta for Mac OS is anything but ready for primetime. Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux should be out of beta by early 2010, but for now the anemic array of plugins, PDF issues and a general unpolished feeling make it little more than an exciting curiosity. In terms of speed and functionality, Windows users would be very well served by Chrome or Opera, whereas Mac users don have to look any further than the latest Safari update. As for Linux users, they generally don like being told what to use.

I want to go completely wireless; what can I do? The simple answer is: a lot. Options for the wireless enthusiast range from Bluetooth keyboards to a fullon multiroom wireless sound systems and home networks. On the PC side, opting for a wireless keyboard and mouse will really clean up the desktop, though you may end up paying through the nose for batteries. Connecting the broadband modem and printer to a wireless router will also help reduce nests of wires that used to be under every computer desk. Macs now come with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard by default, and makers like Logitech, Microsoft and Kensington are working to bring wireless peripherals into the norm in the Windowshpere. However, where the wireless buzz concept comes into its own is in the area of home media systems. Whereas the completely networked home is still years away, you can still rock that way with a setup like one of Linksys Wireless Home Audio kits, where one central music controller accesses content from your computer, an iPod or CD, then broadcasts it to players throughout the home. Sonos makes a similar system, and Sony goes a little further with home theater systems that will either play your Blurays in 7.1 sound or broadcast two channels to speakers in another room. For DIYers, a NAS drive and iTunes will play nice as the centerpiece of a computerbased setup, though it unclear whether you enjoy any real cost savings over a wellpriced system like the Linksys.

Which is the better phone: the BlackBerry or the iPhone? And do you need a Mac to run an iPhone? No doubt about it: The two biggest smartphones in town are the BlackBerry and the iPhone. Up until now, the two have been on parallel courses: the BlackBerry making corporate hearts flutter and the iPhone reigning over the highend consumer market. But, over the last year or two, things have been getting a little muddier. BlackBerrys with cameras and an iPhonelookalike show that RIM is very interested in moving away from businessonly solutions; likewise, the iPhone configuration profiles, data encryption and Exchange compatibility are helping move it into offices. But really, neither one of these bigticket smartphones is ready to invade the other personal space. For instance, the BlackBerry Storm gives up the line coveted keyboard in favor of an iPhonelike touchscreen, nicely doing away with one of the things that business customers like without pumping up the onboard memory to anything close to what a mediasavvy iPhone user would expect. In the BlackBerry favor, some models boast a much better battery life than the iPhone. This is a big point for anyone who travels a lot. No matter how you slice it, the BlackBerry looks are downright utilitarian next to iPhone sleek lines Storm included. It may sound shallow, but looks matter, especially on the crucial highend consumer side of things. A hipster with all of the right moves is not going to pop a BlackBerry out of his pocket. Similarly, the iPhone MTV looks make it a little too flighty for the boardroom. The two companies design philosophies extend to their operating systems as well: The BlackBerry OS is pretty but functional, while the iPhone is like couching your eyes in silk. In terms of which is the better phone, it kind of a tossup, and no matter what Apple and RIM are doing to kill the other off, it still comes down to business or pleasure, and it doesn look like things will change anytime soon. Though, the existence of the BlackBerry Storm says something: Apple sure hasn felt the need to bring out a BlackBerry clone.

What a good choice of sound system for my PC? This is a great time to be on the market for computer speakers. Those who been making do with a couple of scrappy old desktop speakers can go out and spend a little or a lot on a PC sound system that will resonate like a choir of angels which just happens to sound a lot like Modern Warfare 2. Aside from the iconic harmon/kardon Soundsticks, there are many good options available. Altec Lansing offers gamers the Expressionist Ultra, which offer five amps and 200 watts of tummyscrambling sound, plus a desktop control module. At about $200, it not the cheapest solution, but it not really expensive, considering the sound quality. However, the Ultra looks a little too spaceaged for some. For those who prefer less extreme looks, Sony SRSD25 set is a stylish option. At 25 watts total, the D25 isn going to punch your ears right off your head the way the Altec Lansings could, but the sound is clear, if not extremely loud. And at about 70 bucks, it a great deal. Just don expect it to be the oompiest system around it a sub$100 system, after all. Another maker that worth a look is Boss that features the sweet but pricey Companion 5, which offer 5.1 sound from three speakers. The system looks are hohum, and the $400 price tag makes it less than a deal, but it still worth a look. If it sounds like we backing the Altec Lansing horse here, it because we are. Of the units listed, the Expressionist Ultra hits all of the best price/performance sweet spots even if it loses points for its appearance. When looking for a sound system, make sure there a headphone jack involved somewhere so that your latenight zombieslaying doesn shake her from her bed and you onto the couch.

Studies Show GMOs in Majority of U

Studies Show GMOs in Majority of U

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ On Sunday, Oct. 10, Whole Foods Market and retailers across the country will celebrate NonGMO Day to raise consumer awareness about the presence of genetically modified organisms GMOs in the food supply. Driven by the nonprofit NonGMO Project, this Sundays events are designed to send a wakeup call to consumers across the country.

Most Americans arent familiar with GMOs or aware of the extent of their use in food, explains Joe Dickson, Whole Foods Markets food, organic and environmental quality standards coordinator. We invite our communities to stop by our stores and learn more about this issue. are completely free of GMOs. The NonGMO Project standard is a processbased standard that avoids the intentional use of GMO ingredients by providing suppliers with procedures and best practices for minimizing the presence of GMO ingredients. Whole Foods Market currently carries more than 800 products that are verified by the NonGMO project, with thousands more in the pipeline. Many of those will be on display and available for tasting demonstrations at Whole Foods Market stores across the country on Sunday.

Sound Off July

Sound Off July 8

The hypocrisy of our DA office is endless. Susana Martinez will not fire the employee that forwarded the email joke about killing Mexicans and Arabs. It is a disgrace for the office to condone that behavior by not dismissing the employee.

I find it strange that Diane Denish came out in a commercial saying that the drivers license for New Mexico illegal aliens was flawed. Well, did she not tell Bill Richardson that, because Bill Richardson was an advocate on getting them the license?

Obviously the attempt to restrict the fireworks only to Mesilla does not work. Much to the damage to the rest of the county. Its time for Mesilla to ban ground audible and aerial fireworks permanently.

I just read an article by Tom Cooper, a rancher, criticizing the wilderness areas for Doa Ana County and that is the answer right there. He is a rancher. He has been living off the public lands for how long?

Kudos and thank you to the teacher and students who beautified the schools in Mesilla. Your hard work has set the standard of how school grounds should look all year round.

I travel Solano Drive nearly every day and I have yet to see any traffic backup due to the recently designated bike lanes. Some people are griping about everything.

Is it me, or are the flags being put at halfmast for practically everything and everybody. If you have to ask somebody why the flag is at halfmast, I think that it is being put at a little too often.

road was repaved on Union Avenue and it was a very good job. Now please do Boutz and Motel Boulevard the same way. Boutz is like a washboard and Motel Boulevard is full of potholes.

I guess the Tea Party missed that portion of the Constitution and is not aware of that oldtime value called freedom of speech. Theyre having their little party at Young Park on Independence Day but their flyer say they reserve the right to remove any inappropriate sign and ask anybody to leave who is being uncooperative.

The Republicans cut off unemployment benefits and they say it helps the economy and the deficit by paying these wages out, but yet they did not worry about the two wars going that were not paid for during the Bush Administration plus cutting taxes for the extremely wealthy.

I am sick and tired of President Obama playing politics against the Republicans all the time. When President Bush gave the immigration speech he never even mentioned Democrats at all. If he is using this for a political thing, he is not going to win.

The Supreme Court is controlled by the conservatives now and they have allowed the corporations to control the country, to funnel as much money as they want to into politics. You know what is going to happen. The poor and the middle class are going to suffer.

Virtually every federal agency with its own particular bureaucratic agenda was able to veto any aspect of any plan to fight the oil spill with the consequences that nothing stops the oil from destroying hundreds of miles of wetland, habitat, beaches, fisheries and recreational facilities.

The unions are getting a big bailout again. A lot of people without jobs with no food on the table and yet these stupid unions are getting a bunch of money while you and me and everybody else is starving. againNM gun shop holding prairie dog killing contestLas Cruces Little League team heading to Southwest Regional.