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Modi factor to play decisive role in general elections

Modi factor to play decisive role in general elections

New Delhi, May 22: This is the poll season even though elections are scheduled for 2014. However, on the eveof UPA governments ninth anniversary, there were opinion polls and surveys to measure the mood of the voters. The potent theme in all the surveys was the Narendra Modi factor.

Gujarat Chief Minister Modi has raised the stakes in the coming polls with his popularity based on the governance and development. Manmohan singh, who stayed above UPA politics in the UPAI government, has slipped due to various corruption issues and scams under his nose.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhis assuption of vice presidentship of the party stirred the things up and the victory of Congress in Karnataka makes the party very pleased. However, the corruption and scams like 2G spectrum allocation and coal blocks being given to few favoured parties, has dented the credibility of the Congress.

One survey showed that 57 percent felt the UPA government was the most corrupt government in postindependence era.

The party is slipping and it is showing in the surveys.

According to another survey, two big surprises are going to come from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Modi will take the BJP from 10 seats in 2009 to 29 seats in UP. The survey ws carried out before Modis supporter Amit Shah was appointed UPincharge of the party.

Modi factor will affect both the BSP and Congress as he consolidates upper caste and other backward class voters and deliver it for the BJP.

Bihar could be another surprise and a shocker. A shocker for Nitish Kumar, who is opposed to Modi. If he moves away from NDA due to Modi, Nitishs JDU could lose seats and the BJP will surprise itself by gaining seats, nearly 20 in Bihar.