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nothing about computers

nothing about computers

May take longer than a year. Intel has been declining little by little, Apple is also falling and Microsoft may hold steady but I figure it will fall also due to Windows 8 being god awful ugly, too much of a change and requiring users to spend thousands of dollars to get the true experience.

I would have just bought the parts ;

Anyway, just my opinions as a nonstock person I believe the stock market has driven the greed factor into the stratosphere and created the problems with income disparity due to companies having to make more and more profit to be deemed worthy. asasale/ from that article anyway. Looking to sell off patents, chop up the company into little bites, etc.

AMD used to be a price leader with their cpus and still stand up to, or pass, Intel chips. They are not at that point now. I can see AMD doing good in the low end market for pcs but with all the advancements Intel made with the iseries chips, amd just cant compete on the high end without a major price reduction.

Lets see AMD release a nice new cpu that blows the i7 out of the water, then they will be relevant again. Wont happen. AMD has gotten stale and without the money to invest in doing something revolutionary they are going to keep floundering in the sea of Intel while trying to keep their head above the water since they cant afford scuba gear.

If you think the market will swing back up after the fiscal cliff issues are over.

I own both and Ill tell you what. The iPhone 5 has nothing to offer over the Galaxy S III in terms of hardware or features that I care about. Shares are now off 25 percent since late Septembershortly after the iPhone 5 launch and a month before the iPad Mini introduction. Losing momentum

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Qualcom may be the best choice of all 3 you listed. I think the phone/isp/wireless companies are in a transition phase. They have to spend big money to get up super fast broadband or else they have to walk away from the landlines and go for broke on everything wireless and expensive as all hell. I dont see a plan for either of those options from any of the companies as they are too worried about keeping profit up and investors happy. If it gets to below 30 dollars a share I might buy some shares.

Qcom p/e ratio is 20.09 Now thats more like it. I still like intel. p/e ratio is 8.76 Not to mention its trading at 52 week lows.

aapl price/earnings ratio is 11.86 To me that is a screaming buy.

goog p/e is 20.36 Not bad, thats why I only bought 1 share.

These are all good stocks and I hope we dont go off the fiscal cliff. If we do all bets are off. At this point I feel that its to risky to be in the market and to risky to miss a market rally. 50/50 chance of something. Its always good to have some cash in reserves. Intel gives me a Div/yield 0.22/4.48 per share. Seems to me thats better than keeping cash in the bank.

With the article about Intel that was posted makes me feel very confident that Intel is going to do very well in the future. I also think that Apple is going to have a great holiday season, so I bought 2 more shares. I also bought 1 more share of Google because I think that the Google maps will be making its way to the IPhone. So in total I have 4 shares of Apple, 150 shares of Intel, and 2 shares of Google. Wish me luck! Edit: Total price is 6,603.08.