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Sound Off July

Sound Off July 8

The hypocrisy of our DA office is endless. Susana Martinez will not fire the employee that forwarded the email joke about killing Mexicans and Arabs. It is a disgrace for the office to condone that behavior by not dismissing the employee.

I find it strange that Diane Denish came out in a commercial saying that the drivers license for New Mexico illegal aliens was flawed. Well, did she not tell Bill Richardson that, because Bill Richardson was an advocate on getting them the license?

Obviously the attempt to restrict the fireworks only to Mesilla does not work. Much to the damage to the rest of the county. Its time for Mesilla to ban ground audible and aerial fireworks permanently.

I just read an article by Tom Cooper, a rancher, criticizing the wilderness areas for Doa Ana County and that is the answer right there. He is a rancher. He has been living off the public lands for how long?

Kudos and thank you to the teacher and students who beautified the schools in Mesilla. Your hard work has set the standard of how school grounds should look all year round.

I travel Solano Drive nearly every day and I have yet to see any traffic backup due to the recently designated bike lanes. Some people are griping about everything.

Is it me, or are the flags being put at halfmast for practically everything and everybody. If you have to ask somebody why the flag is at halfmast, I think that it is being put at a little too often.

road was repaved on Union Avenue and it was a very good job. Now please do Boutz and Motel Boulevard the same way. Boutz is like a washboard and Motel Boulevard is full of potholes.

I guess the Tea Party missed that portion of the Constitution and is not aware of that oldtime value called freedom of speech. Theyre having their little party at Young Park on Independence Day but their flyer say they reserve the right to remove any inappropriate sign and ask anybody to leave who is being uncooperative.

The Republicans cut off unemployment benefits and they say it helps the economy and the deficit by paying these wages out, but yet they did not worry about the two wars going that were not paid for during the Bush Administration plus cutting taxes for the extremely wealthy.

I am sick and tired of President Obama playing politics against the Republicans all the time. When President Bush gave the immigration speech he never even mentioned Democrats at all. If he is using this for a political thing, he is not going to win.

The Supreme Court is controlled by the conservatives now and they have allowed the corporations to control the country, to funnel as much money as they want to into politics. You know what is going to happen. The poor and the middle class are going to suffer.

Virtually every federal agency with its own particular bureaucratic agenda was able to veto any aspect of any plan to fight the oil spill with the consequences that nothing stops the oil from destroying hundreds of miles of wetland, habitat, beaches, fisheries and recreational facilities.

The unions are getting a big bailout again. A lot of people without jobs with no food on the table and yet these stupid unions are getting a bunch of money while you and me and everybody else is starving. againNM gun shop holding prairie dog killing contestLas Cruces Little League team heading to Southwest Regional.