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Dead Cinderella eyes Halloween makeup

Dead Cinderella eyes Halloween makeup Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl drops out of race for re With his mother and father at his side Friday morning, Ravenstahl answered those questions, saying hes changing his mind about running for reelection and will drop out of the mayoral campaign. He will serve out his final term during an FBI investigation of the Pittsburgh Police Bureau an investigation that prompted him to ask Police Chief Nate Harper to resign last month. The mayor has publicly said he isnt a target of the federal investigation. There have also been questions about the use of debit cards that tap into a fund at the police credit union. Ravenstahl has said he did not know such an account was being used and has vehemently denied allegations to the contrary by former bodyguard Fred Crawford Jr. The mayor said he has invoices from the credit union that will show he did nothing improper, and he said hell make them available to all of the reporters covering his announcement Friday. I know without a doubt that I did nothing wrong, and that is not why this decision was made, Ravenstahl said Friday. I know folks wont believe that. Maybe you guys dont even believe that. But over time, the truth will prevail and itll come out not as quickly as Id like it to, obviously, but it will. All of these allegations and things that are being suggested are simply not true. At age 26, Ravenstahl was the president of City Council in 2006 when he replaced Mayor Bob OConnor, who died of cancer while in office. The youngest mayor in city history, he won a special election in 2007 to finish OConnors term and then won a full fouryear term in 2009.Dead #Cinderella #eyes # #Halloween #makeup