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Oh my gosh Slouchy soft boots cuuuute Love Serial Killer Drowning College Men NEW YORK Two detectives say they believe serial killers are targeting college aged men around the country. The retired New York City police officers have looked into 40 cases, including some of the suspicious Wisconsin cases. Eight young men have been found drowned in Wisconsin in the last decade, many in La Crosse. Thus far, police have ruled all the deaths accidental. One of the cases is Matt Kruziki. The Waukesha County native was found dead in East Dubuque, Iowa. Marshall Bill Kruziki, always felt there were unanswered questions. Until we have all the answers, close all the doors, like Ive always said, I dont think well ever be satisfied, Kruziki said. The detectives believe these cases may be related to deaths in 11 states. They say markings left at the scenes prove that link. In at least five states, Kevin Gannon says a smiley face with devil horns was painted or drawn near the spot where the men went in the water. An even more eerie coincidence may tie Kruzikis death to another case. Gannon says among other markings found at the scene of a drowning in Michigan was the word sinsiniwa. It didnt make sense to detectives until Kruzikis body was found. He was last seen on Sinsiniwa Avenue in East Dubuque. Oh my God! How can that word be written somewhere at a crime scene 450 miles away and not be related? said Bill Kruziki. Hes convinced a murderer is on the loose. Kruziki wants the FBI to reopen many of the drowning investigations. The Chief of Police in La Crosse issued a statement saying they are always looking at new, relevant information. At this point, however he does not believe the La Crosse drownings are linked to any other deaths.Oh #my #gosh #Slouchy #soft #boots #cuuuute # #Love