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Pin by Celeste Robbins on Protect our animals

Pin by Celeste Robbins on Protect our animals Severe weather slams Upper Midwest The threat of tornadoes was particularly high in southwest Wisconsin and northwest Illinois, thanks to severe thunderstorms capable of producing a twister. There was a possibility they could strike well beyond that, though, with the weather service issuing tornado watches through midnight Wednesday for much of Ohio, southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. Derived from the Spanish word for straight ahead, derechos are a weather phenomenon that traditionally happens only a few times a year. It is defined as a line of storms that produces a swath of damage more than 240 miles long with gusts of at least 58 mph. A derecho forms thanks in large part to warm, humid air, instability in the atmosphere and jetstream winds, which can organize the storms into isolated storms called super cells. Those super cells rotate among themselves, then cluster into powerful wind systems that can become derechos, Schneider said. A line of such storms travels quickly, often at around 50 to 60 mph, which is much faster than most other types of storms. So what looks like a very dark cloud on the horizon very rapidly becomes an imminent threat, explained Schneider. People should make sure they know where they go to seek shelter, and what actions they need to take as warnings are issued. Calmer conditions should return to the Upper Midwest on Thursday: Chicagos forecast, for instance, calls for a breezy, mostly sunny day with temperatures reaching a high of around 65.Pin #by #Celeste #Robbins #on #Protect #our #animals